10 2006 movies that are now considered classics

It’s hard to believe 2006 was 15 years ago, as there are movies that came out within a year that feel as fresh today as they did when they first released. Between Casino Royale and Borat, some movies were instant classics upon release.

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However, others did not quite get that reception in 2006, but they have been recognized as some of the greatest films of the 21st century since then. Between surrealist Spanish fantasies, detective films directed by Scorsese and biopics of Will Smith, these films deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as other much older cinema classics.

ten Inside man

Inside man was kind of a reinvention for Spike Lee, as he had never fully immersed himself in popcorn movies before. The heist movie is a thrilling adventure from the start, as it sees a detective trying to negotiate with a bank robber to free the hostages.

Since it’s so hard to make convincing heist movies, Inside man is among Eleven from the ocean and Dog day afternoon as one of the best. But, what Spike Lee does so well is use the popcorn movie as a vessel for his deep social commentary. Although they are so prevalent in his previous films, they are more subtle in Inside man, but they’re still there bubbling below the surface.

9 Pan’s Labyrinth

the Faun caressing the face of a young girl in Pan's Labyrinth

There are a lot of great foreign films out there, but only a handful that manage to break into mainstream audiences every year. In 2006, Pan’s Labyrinth took the whole world by storm; it was visually stunning and filled with imaginative creatures. However, it holds classic status because it dives a lot deeper than most fantasy movies.

Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t just a fantasy filled with quirky designs just for the sake of being original, but it’s a fantasy movie with a social commentary. It takes place against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War. Ofelia conjures up the make-believe world to escape the horrors of the reality she lives in, and it has one of the bittersweet endings in movie history.

8 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Neela and Takashi are watching something in a club

It’s easy for moviegoers to turn their noses Tokyo drift, because it looks like a wacky street racing movie at first glance, but the film has grown in popularity since 2006. Even when it was first released, the late and great film critic Roger Ebert was a fan of it, and, as per IndieWire director Christopher Nolan recently discussed his admiration for it. On top of that, it was the fan’s love for the film that encouraged the studio to bring the characters back for F9.

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What’s great about the whole thing Fast Furious series is that it has always been diverse; Even praising the diversity of their distributions by studios, Universal has done so by The Fast and the Furious without even thinking about it. Tokyo drift was a big Hollywood movie, and although it’s directed by a white American male, the rest of the cast are Asian. Although Fast and furious Tokyo drift Originally treated very differently, Justin Lin tastefully filled the film with Japanese culture instead of cliché and potentially racist jokes.

7 300

Based on Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel, 300 is an epic historical fantasy film that follows an army of Spartans as they confront Xerxes. Besides the fact that the iconic line, “we are Sparta!” has spread through pop culture over the past 15 years, no one has been able to replicate 300watch since.

It’s hardly as if a filmmaker wants to try and recreate the look of 300because it would just appear as a derivative of the 2006 film because it is so distinctive. The uniqueness of the film still stands today, and it is the pattern of most other films directed by Zack Snyder as well. The visuals, storytelling, and the epic scale all became hallmarks of the polarizing director.

6 Casino Royale

M informs James Bond that his actions in Madagascar caused an international incident at the Casino Royale

In the same way Batman begins, Casino Royale was part of a group of films that inspired the dark and gritty reboot movement, but few other films have succeeded like Casino Royale made.

From the opening scene of Bond Hopping from Crane to Crane, audiences knew it would be a very different 007 movie. There was no invisible car or rocket in sight, and instead it was a real spy spy movie with very little gimmick. This is what makes the film one of the most important and unique episodes of James Bond.

5 The dead

Frank Costello acting like a rat in The Departed

The dead was sort of a return to form for Martin Scorsese, as it was the director’s biggest gangster movie since Goodfellas, which happened 16 years earlier.

It’s one of the few remakes that’s better than the original, as the cat and mouse chase movie is based on the Hong Kong thriller. Internal affairs. The film has all the qualities of a classic; this is one of the greatest gangster movies of the 21st century, it features an iconic performance by Jack Nicholson, and The dead is full of iconic quotes.

4 The pursuit of happiness

Chris and Chris Jr. rejoice on the bus in The Pursuit of Happyness

Released at the height of Will Smith’s popularity, The pursuit of happiness is a classic movie not only because of the incredible dramatic performances, but also because of what it stands for. It was the perfect movie back then, because it was exactly the kind of uplifting movie America needed.

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It’s a surprise that Will Smith hasn’t even been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, as his performance is more raw and powerful than any of his other roles. However, that could all change next year, as the next king richard in which he stars, looks like it will be one of the best dramas of the year.

3 Blood diamond

2006 was a great year for Leonardo DiCaprio, because not only did he star in the Martin Scorsese film directed The dead, but he played a South African mercenary in Blood diamond, too much. The film deals with the diamond trade in West Africa, as diamonds are mined in war zones and are only used to benefit the warlords.

But it’s Djimon Hounsou who makes the film a classic, as he plays a Mende fisherman helping Danny complete his quest to find a rare gem. As entertaining as the film is, it accurately portrays the sordid and torn country that Sierra Leone was in the 1990s.

2 Borat

Borat is not only considered a classic today; it was an instant classic when it hit theaters in 2006. Everyone knows how to mimic Borat’s accent and the character’s many iconic quotes, and mankinis are now sold in stores around the world and are worn at countless bachelor parties.

What makes the film as memorable as the character is are all the interviews that expose a lot of delusional professionals. As the sequel only came out last year, there’s no doubt that in 15 years, Next movie will also be considered a classic.

1 The devil wears Prada

the devil-door-prada-reunion-03

The devil wears Prada is such a great movie that even people without the slightest interest in the fashion industry are still captivated by it. The film is a classic because it is one of the few in the genre, as there are so few working films for a magazine or newspaper.

Not only is the film about this industry, but it portrays in such a unique and revealing way that Meryl Streep plays one of the most loathsome movie bosses in history. The actor channels evil TV bosses like Malcolm Tucker from The thickness of it and Ari Gold from Entourage, while basing the character on the notoriously fastidious Anna Wintour.

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