10 best shorts (under 90 minutes), according to IMDB

Choosing a movie to watch is a feat in itself, and it can take a few hours just to find the right movie to watch, in addition to the runtime of the movie itself. The process, in the end, seems longer to most viewers than just over-watching the latest must-see TV series. Fortunately, however, some movies have the grace of being around 90 minutes long, which is nice and quick all things considered.

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IMDb has rated the best movies to be around 90 minutes or less that audiences are sure to enjoy. These films range from animated classics to thrilling live action flicks that will captivate viewers for their entire short span.

ten The Lion King

Baby Simba supported by Rafiki in The Lion King.

The Lion King remains the pinnacle of the ’90s Disney Renaissance. With a quick and easy 88-minute runtime, this can be a perfect family movie to shoot while on vacation. Released in 1994, The Lion King is perhaps one of the most touching and somewhat sinister Disney films to date, given that it traumatized generations of children with the Mufasa murder.

The film’s grim murder story might cause some viewers to wonder how The Lion King is a family film. However, it is great for helping children understand grief and loss. In addition to the film’s showcase of deep relationships and the importance of maintaining them, the soundtrack remains one of Disney’s best.

9 Support me

Four boys laugh and walk on train tracks in Stand by Me.

With an autonomy of 89 minutes, Support me remains an important cult classic. The film focuses on a group of friends and their quest to find a suspected corpse. The film tells the story of childhood, friendship and adventure through the eyes of one of the boys as an older man who recounts the group’s journey years after he was born. occurred.

Many claim Support me captures the importance of childhood friendships and how the adventures they experienced led to the transition from childhood to adulthood. Either way, this bittersweet portrayal of the past will definitely stick with viewers long after the credits roll.


8 Course Lola Course

Lola and Manni point guns at camera in Run Lola Run

Course Lola Course has proven popular with fans and critics alike who saw the film win the Audience Award at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. After having her moped stolen, protagonist Lola sees her day go from bad to worse. She is given 20 minutes to hand over a large sum of money to her boyfriend before he robs a supermarket in an attempt to save his life.

Due to her missing moped, Lola finds herself running to complete the task that will save her boyfriend’s life. The thriller involves an interesting twist where viewers see 3 different outcomes, resulting in an interesting 81 minute view. Between the different timelines, the electric soundtrack and the excellent action, Course Lola Course is a great non-linear narrative to check out.

seven The child

Charlie Chaplin stars in The Kid.

The child is not only the oldest film on the list, but also the shortest with a running time of 68 minutes. After its release in 1921, the family film became a popular film in the silent family drama genre. Charlie Chaplin, the star of The child, plays a “tramp” who finds a child who has been abandoned and begins his journey to raise the child by trying to find its parent.

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After an argument with another mother, too, to whom he tried to get rid of the child, Chaplin begins to raise the child as his own. This includes teaching him how to fight and how to work on the streets. While the film has an underlying story of sadness, the relationship between the child and the chaplain leaves viewers laughing in scandalous scenes that test the limits of family films even today.

6 Frankenstein’s Bride

Boris Karloff Bride Of Frankenstein Universal Monsters

Based on the original Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s book, James Whale sought to continue the journey to the Frankenstein screen created by Henry Frankenstein himself and his assistant Fritz. The 75-minute long film sees Henry pressured by his former mentor to create a lover for the monster.

Dr. Pretorius manipulates the monster to kidnap Henry’s wife with the aim of forcing Henry to comply by making the monster Frankenstein a companion. However, the rejection the newly created bride gives Frankenstein is enough to despair the monster, dying alongside her lover. It’s a surprisingly tragic film, but the iconic look of the bridge and the fun of the monsters from the Universal film makes it a must-have for any horror lover.

5 Frankenstein

Boris Karloff as scene from the 1931 horror film Frankenstein.

Frankenstein has a firm place in the classic horror hall of fame with its release in 1931 terrifying fans thanks to its scientific creation of a monster. Whose body was made up of the limbs and body parts of several corpses alongside the complex but petrifying spirit of Frankenstein’s monster.

While the film doesn’t quite retain the fear factor it had in 1931, it continues to be a timeless film that is often resurrected around Halloween as an old-time classic. Even so, the film remains an important part in the development of the horror film genre. His influence is felt in classics such as Young Frankenstein.

4 Paths of glory

The execution scene in Paths of Glory

Paths of glory is a 1957 war drama directed by Stanley Kubrick with a duration of 88 minutes. Kubrick made waves in the cinema when he decided to challenge the propaganda war films of his day. Instead, he created an anti-war film that sought to observe and show a lack of empathy within WWI.

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The film shows how the value of human life can go unnoticed in the face of war when a general orders his subordinate to attack an enemy position that will cost many lives. Despite the rejection of the order, the junior general was offered a promotion that allowed him to move forward with the plan. This resulted in the execution of three men in an attempt to gain promotion as the general highlights the film’s anti-war message.

3 Tucker and Dale against evil

Still from the 2010 movie Tucker and Dale Against Evil.

Tucker and Dale against evil Put a clever spin on the typical teenage horror flick through a series of hilarious scenes, including one involving bees and a chainsaw. The film focuses on Tucker and Dale, two hillbillies on their way to their cabin in the woods. They soon realize that there is a group of college students camping nearby who are convinced they are chainsaw killers.

Following the injury of one of the students, the couple pull her aboard their boat and help her recover. While helping her get on the boat, the college kids believe the couple attacked her. The film shows viewers the damaging effects stereotypes can have in 89 minutes. It’s a fascinating subversion of classic slasher movie tropes that remains fresh and innovative to this day.

2 Telephone booth

Stu talks to the mysterious sniper on the phone

Telephone booth is a 2002 psychological thriller that sees Colin Farrell as Stu Shepherd who suddenly finds himself trapped during a call in an attempt to save his life. The film plays on the fear of being watched through the character of Stu, who answers a phone call in a booth that makes him say that he will be killed the moment he hangs up the phone.

The caller seeks to threaten Stu to confess his affair to his wife and mistress. It quickly escalates when a series of twists and turns leaves Stu charged with murder, with the phone booth surrounded by the NYPD and SWAT team. Telephone booth grabs the audience’s attention with every wild twist of the plot, leaving them wondering if Stu could possibly escape the sniper. This is one of the best examples of sustained tension in cinema.

1 the land of zombies

Columbus, Wichita, Tallahassee and Little Rock from Zombieland

With its star-studded cast, Zombieland filled the film’s 88 minutes with the perfect combination of comedy and horror. With four main characters who couldn’t have less in common, the film follows their journey to survive a zombie plague that has seen nearly all of America turned into flesh-eating monsters.

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the role of a student who is afraid of everything, contrasts perfectly with Woody Harelson’s role as a fearless shooter who views the zombie plague as a challenge. The use of comedy in the film leaves viewers laughing hysterically at every wild and bloody scene. Add a perfect appearance with American darling Bill Murray, there is no better zombie movie to be found.

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