10 Great Movies Starring The Game Of Thrones Cast

game of thrones is one of the most popular television series, released on April 11, 2011. When this show first aired, it quickly gained popularity among young adults due to its spectacular fantasy-based storyline. game of thrones was a show set in a medieval-style universe, showing fans and viewers a world of fantasy and enchantment, something beyond their imagination.

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Each character was so beautifully written, with several different actors playing major and minor roles in the series, impacting its viewers. These renowned actors have acted in several films which have been great successes and very popular with the public.

ten Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989): Grand Maester Pycelle appears as Walter Donovan

Julian Glover in Game of Thrones and Indiana Jones

Julian Glover, also known as the actor who played the character Grand Maester Pycelle in the game of thronesplayed in 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He played the character of Walter Donovan in the film.

Walter Donovan was a very wealthy American business magnate and collector of artifacts. In The Last Crusadehe made an alliance with the Nazis in order to get his hands on the Holy Grail, which he wanted for his well-known gift of immortality.

9 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V – 1980): A young Julian Glover also makes an appearance as General Veers

Julian Glover in Game of Thrones and Star Wars

Again, readers will be surprised to learn that Julian Glover also played General Veers in the famous Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) movie. This film is an iconic production of the 80s.

General Maximilian Veers served as a general in the Galactic Empire military. As a general, he participated in the Galactic Civil War, fighting the Rebel Alliance. Veers single-handedly destroyed the shield generator used to power the rebel base’s deflector shield. During the battle, General Veers was seriously injured after a snowspeeder crashed into the cockpit of his AT-AT.

8 Furious 7 (2015): Missandei can be seen as Megan Ramsey

Nathalie Emmanuel in Game of Thrones & Furious 7

Nathalie Emmanuel, also known for her character of Missandei from game of thronesplayed the role of Megan Ramsey in the seventh film of the famous The fast and the furious franchise, in particular in Furious 7. She continued to play a role in the franchise for the rest of the episodes.

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In Furious 7, we can see Nathalie Emmanuel play the role of a hacker, like Megan Ramsey. She is also the one who created the Eye of God and is also part of Dominic Toretto’s crew.

7 The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001): Sean Bean is also killed early

Sean Bean in Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

Another one game of thrones Actor Sean Bean is known for his role as Ned Stark. Bean plays the character Boromir in the first episode of the the Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Boromir was a citizen of Gondor and fought bravely for the Fellowship of the Ring. He was a skilled fighter and the eldest son of Denethor II. Boromir did not want to destroy the One Ring, as he believed Sauron could be destroyed through his power. After trying to convince Frodo to give him the One Ring, Frodo rejected his idea and fled.

6 National Treasure (2004): Sean Bean further showcases his diverse acting talents

Sean Bean in Game of Thrones and National Treasure

Sean Bean (Ned Stark) also played the character of Ian Howe, the antagonist of the famous national treasure heist film, further showcasing his diverse acting talents.

Ian Howe was the main villain of the first film. He tried to find the Templar Treasure in National Treasure. Unfortunately, he was captured and then imprisoned.

5 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003): The infamous High Sparrow is known as Governor Weatherby Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean

Jonathan Pryce in Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean

Actor Johnathan Pryce played the game of thrones’ High Sparrow character. In the curse of the black pearl movie, Jonathan Pryce starred as Governor Weatherby Swann.

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Governor Weatherby Swann was Governor of Port Royal in The curse of the black pearl. He was also a representative of the English Royal Navy.

4 A Knight’s Tale (2001): Robert Baratheon as Roland

Mark Addy in Game of Thrones and A Knight's Tale

Mark Addy is well known for his role as Robert Baratheon in the game of thrones series. Mark Addy can be seen in the 2001 film The story of a knightwhere he plays the role of Roland.

Roland, as the late Sir Hector’s squire, helps his loyal friend, William, impersonate Sir Hector to enter – and ultimately win – a jousting tournament.

3 A Little Princess (1995): Liam Cunningham, alias Ser Davos, plays the role of the father of the little princess

Liam Cunningham in Game of Thrones and A Little Princess

A little princess is a 1995 film about a young orphan girl who loses her father during World War I. Liam Cunningham, who plays the character Ser Davos, stars as the absent father in the film. His character’s name in the film is Captain Crewe. He has a dual role in this film and also plays the character of Prince Rama.

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Captain Crewe, a wealthy Englishman and widower, is stationed in India with the British Army, where he raised his only daughter, Sara.

2 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011): Maester Luwin can be seen as Detective Morell

Donald Sumpter in Game of Thrones and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The girl with the dragon tattoo is a crime thriller where viewers can see Donald Sumpter, known for his role as Maester Luwin, playing the character of Detective Morell.

1 1917 (2019): Tommen Baratheon and Robb Stark starred in the Oscar-winning film

Dean Charles Chapman and Richard Madden in 1917

Dean Charles Chapman turned to the film industry after gaining recognition while starring in the game of thrones television show playing the dual role of Tommen Baratheon and Martyn Lannister. He starred in the Oscar-winning film 1917.

In this spectacular film, Dean Charles Chapman plays the character of Lance Corporal Blake, one of history’s foremost soldiers. Another one game of thrones actor, Richard Madden (Robb Stark), can also be seen in the 1917 film playing the character of Lieutenant Joseph Blake.

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