10 movies that started light but got serious

Movies aren’t always what they say they are. Expecting the unexpected is part of the fun and it’s one of the reasons a visit to the movies can be so exciting. Fans sit down for 2 hours of big screen shine to find themselves in deep, much more serious water. It can greatly improve the experience.

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Of course, this can also have the opposite effect and leave an audience member feeling cheated or misled. For better or for worse, some movies have made a difference. After having started in the mirth, some delivered a more serious and stimulating image than what was initially envisaged.

ten Parasite took black comedy to even darker places

Bong Joon-ho’s dark and comedic masterpiece barely hints at the horrors that await viewers in 2019 Parasite. What begins as a fascinating study and dismantling of the South Korean class system slowly turns into a story of murder and chaos.

Parasite has more than its fair share of graphic violence. Since the majority of Parasite is littered with hilarious dark comedy moments, few viewers really expected things to take such a turn for terrifying bloodshed.

9 Jojo Rabbit brought laughter alongside tears


Taiki Waititi’s campy caricature of Adolf Hitler sets up brilliantly Bunny Jojo as a heartwarming, heartwarming, and hilarious withdrawal from Nazi culture. While this is certainly true of Bunny Jojo overall, there are a lot of moments inside that evoke tears rather than laughter.

The tender scenes remind viewers how horrible life was for so many people during World War II, though they never took the Waititi comedy away from its main weapon against Nazism. Hitler himself would not have found Bunny Jojo funny, but it gave audiences one more reason to laugh in 2019.

8 What dreams can come is much more heartbreaking than it is humorous

what-dreams-can-come robin williams with dog

Legendary Robin Williams is certainly guilty when it comes to lending his face to movies that don’t exactly match what the King of Comedy is famous for. Heartbreaking laughter is almost always the product of his home cooking. Although the years 1998 What dreams can come has plenty of moments to make viewers smile, its subject matter is more serious than what many Robin fans may be used to.

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Initially a familiar portrayal of a perfect family life, this fantastic film takes to the afterlife with a heartbreaking twist. While sad times come with healthy times, Vincent Ward What dreams can come is not an easy watch.

seven The sound of the music is happy till the war

julie andrews sound music

Perhaps one of the most uplifting films ever made, The sound of music is full of delightfully catchy songs. The songs are all enhanced by the haunting tones of the great Julie Andrews and the colorful, soothing imagery of the Austrian countryside.

Although the 1965 classic is set in wartime, it still comes as a shock to viewers when the horrors of conflict creep into the lives of the Von Trapp family. It’s an undeniable entry on any list of the greatest musicals to ever make. Although The sound of music has a lot more emotional substance than its songs suggest.

6 Happiness is unlikely to leave a happy viewer

happiness philip seymour hoffman

At first glance, this black comedy by Todd Solondz comes across as a pretty standard, albeit quirky, dark comedy. Movies of any genre are no more shocking, controversial, or downright disturbing than Joy.

The pic with Philip Seymour Hoffman is probably too much for most viewers to bear. Joy plunges deep into depravity. Controversial aspects aside, the 1998 film is packed with sleek humor and thought-provoking looks at some of the darker aspects of humanity.

5 The Truman Show is a disturbing look at simulated reality

Truman looking at himself in the mirror on The Truman Show

Jim Carrey’s acting status is legendary. It wasn’t surprising that audiences expected a hilarious take on the hidden camera concept when they sat down to watch The Truman Show in 1998. While there are laughs to be made while watching Peter Weir’s film, the emotional trauma suffered by Truman is extremely unsettling when viewed under a microscope.

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A film perhaps even more relevant today with cameras seemingly ubiquitous in society, The Truman Show has a lot to say about reality and how people perceive it. There isn’t much that is positive.

4 Hearing is not the romanticism it initially seems

Audition film

Japanese horror Hearing is certainly serious. What begins as a disarming romantic comedy turns into breathtaking horror, resulting in final sequences that are a world away from. HearingIt’s a light start.

Director Takashi Miike manages to contrast the eye-catching beauty with the horror of shock. On time, Hearing is an incredibly tough watch. Frequently cited as one of Japan’s best entries in the spooky genre, Hearing is an unforgettable journey into the unexpected.

3 From Dusk Till Dawn takes a brutal turn in horror

from dusk till dawn

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From cuddly crime to horror film, From dusk till dawn Masterfully flips the script and left many audiences speechless when it was released in 1996. Léger may seem overkill to some, but the fangs and feedings weren’t exactly there for the first few minutes of this movie.

2 Something Wild adds Ray Liotta to the mix to make a real difference

jeff-daniels melanie griffith something wild

Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels start Jonathan Demme’s Something wild with their characters embracing a free and fun getaway. All it takes to turn this 1986 action comedy upside down is the emergence of a delightfully deranged Ray Liotta as Ray Sinclair.

the Goodfellas the star is typically electric in Something wild, with Liotta winning several awards for her performance. Jonathan Demme was still a few years away from Thesilenceofthelambs, but the violence he spreads in this film is particularly shocking after such an upbeat opening.

1 Life is beautiful is both beautiful and totally devastating

Life is Beautiful

Roberto Benigni is Italian cinematic royalty. Before Life is Beautiful took the world by storm in 1997, he was known as a hilarious comic. His Oscar-winning dramatic comedy is set during the Holocaust, but Life is Beautiful is really on the human mind. There is perhaps no more triumphant performance in all of cinema.

Life is BeautifulAs the name suggests, the start is magnificent. The humorous and feel-good portrayal of romance in 1940s Italy was quickly erased by the Nazi occupation. Benigni manages to maintain the warmth and love even in the face of such horror. It’s a film that remarkably deserves as many tears of joy as it does tears of sadness.

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