10 TV Shows Where Dead Characters Kept Coming Back

With Russian doll Set to return to Netflix on April 20, fans can’t wait to see if Nadia Vulvokov and Alan Zaveri are doomed to repeat their cycles of death and rebirth now that they’ve escaped their time loops. While the series is one of the newer ones, it’s far from alone in using the trope of bringing back dead characters.

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In many shows, the majority of actors have refused to stay buried. Sometimes it worked to establish the lore and themes of the series. Other times, frequent resurrections lowered the stakes and lessened the investment.

ten Teen Wolf

The werewolves of Teen Wolf were resurrected several times by the full moon. Season five’s Dread Doctors also practiced resuscitation in their quest to bring back The Beast of Gevaudan. Additionally, the series has used ritual magic to kill and restore human characters like Stiles Stilinski and Allison Argent.

Naturally, fans were confused when Allison was left dead after season three. If the show had wanted to, it could have found a way to bring her back. There were solid behind-the-scenes reasons for his disappearance, but they didn’t make sense on the show. Thankfully, the show’s creators have confirmed that Allison will return in the Teen Wolf movie which will premiere on Paramount+ later this year.

9 red dwarf

Whenever fans worry that the dwarf boys are gone for good, the series brings the crew back for another run. Dave Lister, Cat, Arnold Rimmer, and Kryten were resurrected by a time paradox and nanobots. Inexplicably, they also returned after a ten-year hiatus in the “Back to Earth” miniseries.

The show has continually jumped the shark to resurrect the crew, but fans of the show have remained loyal. Sure, some of the explanations are ridiculous, but they fit the show’s campy tone. The crew has since continued their space hijackings. Their most recent revival was “The Promised Land” in 2020.


8 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did not wait long to establish that the dead could return. In episode three, Zelda Spellman resurrected Hilda in the Cain Pit. Additionally, Sabrina Spellman has magically revived herself and others on several occasions. In one of the show’s most bizarre twists, she even traveled back in time to reverse numerous deaths.

The Witch crossed for the last time in the series finale. In the controversial episode, Sabrina’s boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch, killed himself to be with her. Sabrina tackled this constant resurrection in a subtle way when she reappeared in the sister series Riverdale explaining, “There is no death for witches. Only transformation.

7 buffy the vampire slayer

Death never stopped Buffy Summers. She died twice, and that doesn’t count when she returned as a vampire in “Nightmares” or when the Master killed her in “The Wish.” Additionally, Angel went to Hell and back, others returned as supernatural beings, and Spike and Darla were born again in the spin-off series. angel.

Although the most tragic death was that of Buffy’s mother, Joyce, who died of a brain aneurysm. Buffy’s sister, Dawn, attempted a resurrection spell to destroy him. She realized that it was selfish to reverse the natural order and that those who return, rarely return as they were. This lesson was solidified when Willow resurrected Buffy, believing she was in Hell only to find she had taken her out of Heaven.

6 Charm

No one on Charm never really left. The Halliwell sisters have used magic to reanimate and revive themselves countless times. It also helped that they had Whitelighter Leo on hand. Having died and returned twice, the only sister who remained dead was Prue after actress Shannon Doherty left the show at the end of the third season.

The heart of the show was the family. Each resurrection proved that nothing could sever their family ties. Those who died sometimes came back as ghosts. Their mother Patty and grandmother Penny were a constant presence. They returned for important events like Paige’s introduction, the Wiccanization of Piper’s sons, and Piper and Leo’s wedding.

5 the flash

Barry Allen has repeatedly used time travel to save his friends and the world. Arrow and the Paragons also resurrected Team Flash by creating a new universe. There were also individual resurrections like Caitlin Frost becoming Killer Frost and Iris West-Allen reviving Barry with a kiss like something out of a fairy tale.

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It can be said that there are few stakes on this show. While time travel is an integral part of the flash, the creators struggled to find inventive ways to incorporate it. However, the strength of the series lies in its charismatic characters. As long as they return, fans will tune in to see their adventures in the ever-expanding Arrowverse.

4 The Vampire Diaries

At The Vampire Diaries, death is a temporary inconvenience. Immortal characters shake the dead as if they were minor bodily injuries. Stefan Salvatore has recovered from drowning more than a thousand times. Many characters have also returned as vampires, ghosts, and, in Tyler Lockwood’s case, a werewolf-vampire hybrid.

The show went off the rails with practical plot devices. Gilbert’s ring resurrected countless humans, and there was even a cure for vampirism. Magic was also used to bring the characters to excess. This magic was not without consequence. He killed Bonnie Bennet, who existed as a ghost until the kingdom collapsed, allowing her and Damon Salvatore to escape and live another day.

3 Supernatural

Yes Supernatural represented one of the five stages of grief, it would be bargaining. Almost every member of the Winchester family has entered into an agreement to reverse or prevent the death. The Winchesters went to hell, purgatory and heaven. They even went to Oz, where their friend Charlie Bradbury was killed and resurrected.

The show has amassed a cult fan base who have followed it through some of its more ridiculous storylines. No one expected the brothers to stay dead, but it was devastating to witness the deaths of others like Charlie and Bobby Singer. Fans have always welcomed beloved characters, whether they returned as alternate versions from other dimensions, as ghosts, or restored through divine intervention.

2 Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running TV shows thanks to The Doctor’s regenerative ability. Each time the Doctor dies, the Time Lord is reborn with a new face. The Master, another time lord, has also returned countless times. Of course, there’s also a bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff that brought the Doctor’s friends back to life.

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Time and space travel are an integral part of the series’ lore. It worked on the show because the creators continually found ways to use it creatively. The series rarely pulls the same stunts twice. Whether it’s using resurrection to introduce a mystery like the Impossible Girl, Clara Oswin Oswald, or creating an iconic immortal character like Jack Harkness.

1 Futurama

Almost the entire Planet Express crew died between seasons five and six. Professor Farnsworth brought them back using the birthing machine. In another memorable episode, “Meanwhile,” Fry repeatedly fell into a time loop. The show also dipped into the supernatural when Bender died and returned as a ghost.

To say the show jumped the shark is too dismissive. Unlike many animated shows, Futurama was very character driven. The writers used death and rebirth to dive deep into the characters through a combination of comedy and authentic scientific theories. The show itself has also regenerated. It returned after cancellations in the form of movies and a new series. Futurama is set to relaunch on Hulu in 2023.

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