11 fun facts about Emily in Paris star Lily Collins (you might be surprised to learn)

Lily Collins is one of Netflix’s biggest stars right now. Not only has she starred in a good chunk of the streamer’s original movies, but she’s the Golden Globe-nominated headliner of the buzzing original rom-com series. Emily in Paris.

The Emmy-nominated series will be back for seasons three and four on Netflix, so we’re expecting a lot more of the charming actress on our watchlists for years to come. Also, she stars in the thriller movie Bargain come out on his birthday, March 18.

But do you know how Collins got her start as an actress? Do you know who his famous parents and in-laws are? Did you know that she didn’t always have an American accent and visited the set of a very popular sitcom as a child?

Check out some fun facts about the Emily in Paris and Bargain Star!

Did Lily Collins play Snow White?

Yes! One of the star’s first big lead roles was as Snow White in the 2012 comedy fantasy Mirror Mirror alongside Julia Roberts.

The film received mixed reviews and performed modestly at the box office, but Collins’ top-notch performance helped launch her career, as she would appear in films next. Stuck in Love, The English Teacher, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Love, Rosie.

Who is Lily Collins married to?

In 2019, Collins began dating director and writer Charlie McDowell. The couple announced their engagement in September 2020 and married a year later in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado. Collins and McDowell collaborated for the new Netflix movie Bargain.

Is Lily Collins related to Ted Danson?

Although Lily Collins has a famous father herself, her husband also has quite a famous family. Charlie McDowell is the son of actor Malcolm McDowell and actress Mary Steenburgen. McDowell and Steenburgen divorced in 1990, and Steenburgen married actor Ted Danson in 1995.

Not only are Collin’s stepparents super famous performers on the big and small screens, but his stepdad is none other than Cheers and The right place Fan favorite Ted Danson! Talk about an exciting family reunion.

Parents of Lily Collins

Lily Collins was born on March 18, 1989 to musician Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman. Of course, his father is the singer of the band Genesis. He is also a talented drummer and has scored a number of hits during his hugely successful solo career.

Lily Collins had a British accent

When you hear Lily Collins speak in the Netflix series Emily in Paris or the movie Bargain, you will hear the actress with an American accent. However, as she revealed to Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she had a British accent as a child.

Collins was born in Guildford, Surrey in England, and her father is obviously one of the most famous British musicians of our time. As she told Clarkson, the kids at school made fun of her accent, so she watched Peter Pan and repeat the title to learn how to say the Rs with an Americanized pronunciation.

Was Lily Collins in Harry Potter?

No, Lily Collins wasn’t in any of the Harry Potter movies. However, the actress said she was a big fan of those movies and wished she could have been in one.

Lily Collins went on the set of Friends

One of the perks of having a famous dad in the 90s is that she had a pretty cool childhood. While promoting Emily in Paris season 2, Collins passed To access with Ashley Park and took a trip down memory lane.

To access showed Collins a video of Friends Stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow recently recalled that Phil Collins came to the set with his young daughter because she was a fan of the sitcom. She was lucky enough to sit on set at Central Perk for a photo, and it looks like she made an impression on the cast.

Is Lily Collins the producer of Emily in Paris?

Yes! Collins talked about The Kelly Clarkson Show on the importance of taking on this new role for the hit Netflix series for Season 2 and ensuring they have implemented changes behind the scenes and on camera to allow for greater inclusivity.

Book by Lily Collins

If you’re looking for even more Lily Collins in your life beyond her movies and shows, the talented star has also written a book. In 2017, the Golden Globe-nominated actress released a collection of essays titled Unfiltered: No shame, no regrets, just me.

Phil Collins Favorite Song by Lily Collins

By discussing about Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Emily in Paris and her brother Nicholas becoming a drummer for Genesis, Kimmel asked the actress about her favorite Phil Collins song. She revealed that her favorite song from her father is “I Can’t Dance” from the album Genesis we can’t dance.

She surely also has a soft spot for her father’s song “You’ll Be In My Heart”, for which Phil Collins won the Oscar for best original song for Tarzan. Her father wrote the song for his daughter, who was 10 when the song was released.

Are Lily Collins and Ashley Park friends in real life?

Yes! Lily Collins and Ashley Park, who plays Emily’s best friend Mindy, in Emilie in Paris, are super close in real life. The couple shared stories of their adventures in Paris while filming the hit romantic comedy series, and Park even attended the premiere of Collins’ new film Bargain.

Don’t forget to watch Lily Collins in Emily in Paris and Bargain on Netflix and discover other titles from the star on the streamer.