3 Henry Cavill Movies You May Not Know About

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s superman! You automatically thought of Henry Cavill, didn’t you? It’s hard to discuss Superman movies without associating them with this actor, and it’s not hard to see why. Henry Cavill has succeeded in his role!

You probably also recognize him by his role in The witcher like Geralt de Riv. He’s the lonely, hunted hero who kills monsters for money. His internal moral compass is his guide, but it often gets him in trouble with the bad guys.

Henri Cavill | Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix

Some people speculate that The witcher was intended to fill the gaping hole left by the end of The iron Throne, but one thing is clear; there was no one better suited to play the role of Geralt of Rivia than Henry Cavill. This actor has however held several roles on the small screen, proving that he is much more than a superman.

1. Immortals

Immortals is a 2011 action-fantasy film that follows Hyperion, a power-hungry king who uses his ruthless army to destroy Greece. He wants to find an invincible weapon, the long-lost Arc of Epirus, so he can use his newfound power to become the ultimate ruler by driving the gods out of Mount Olympus.

In his quest for this weapon, he burns several villages, leaving the corpses of innocent people in his wake. This is where Henry Cavill comes in; he plays the role of Theseus, a mortal man to whom a cryptic oracle says he was chosen by the gods to fight this ruthless despot.

In his interview with Men’s Health, Henry Cavill revealed that he had to have a body fit for a Greek god for this movie since he had his shirt off most of the time. He also said it was his first time playing a role that required him to remain shirtless. To get in shape, he followed a strict 6 month diet and trained in martial arts for fight scenes.

2. Enola Holmes

If you’re a fanatic of the Sherlock Holmes movies, chances are you’ve watched Enola Holmes. This series is expertly crafted and follows the life of Sherlock’s teenage sister, who discovers that her mother has disappeared and decides to go on an adventure to find her.

This film, set in England in 1884, is captivating, witty and keeps more people glued to their screens. On her 16th birthday, Enola wakes up to a strange assortment of gifts from her mother, who has disappeared but left no clue about her fate.

She is left in the care of her 2 brothers Sherlock and Mycroft, who want to send her to a school suitable for “correct” young girls. Enola, however, embarks on an exciting journey to find her mother and stumbles upon a runaway lord, where they both attempt to unravel a mystery that threatens to destroy life as they know it.

Henry Cavill plays the role of Sherlock. Director Harry Bradbeer mentioned he chose Henry because he needed someone who could strike the perfect balance between warmth and humor.

3. Uncle’s man

Uncle’s man. is a 2015 Guy Ritchie film about a 1960s CIA agent who teams up with a KGB agent to dismantle a mysterious criminal organization. Although they are not on good terms, the two agents must work together to prevent this organization from causing a global catastrophe by using nuclear weapons.

Henry Cavill plays Napoleon Solo; the CIA agent responsible for maintaining the balance between the United States and the Soviet Union, which are on the brink of war.

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