4-Day Guide to Visiting Disney During the 50th Anniversary

People have until spring 2023 to experience the world’s most magical celebration at all four Disney World theme parks for their 50th anniversary. From wonderful and new entertainment options, magical dust-covered pixie beacons, dishes worth celebrating, stunning merchandise and unique accommodation options, people will have plenty to do at the Walt Disney 50th Anniversary Celebrations. World. Experiencing all the attractions and activities will never be possible. However, visitors to the park can plan their trip to try out the most exciting and iconic action going on. This is why it is recommended that they spend at least four days there to make the most of the festivities. Here’s a guide to visiting Disney on its 50th anniversary.

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Here’s What To Do On The First Day You Arrive At Disney For The 50th Anniversary

When you arrive at Walt Disney World to experience the beautiful celebrations, the first thing to do is catch the new nighttime show at the Magic Kingdom. This is where they will experience a journey filled with wonder, adventure and empowerment when they attend Disney Enchantment. People will have the chance to meet characters from Coco, Onward, Soul, Raya and the Last Dragon and other newer films, in addition to classic story favorites. Disney Enchantment also features a spectacular fireworks show and the magical effects of Cinderella’s Castle that reach Main Street, USA for the first time ever.

  • Time: The Disney Enchantment show starts at 9:00 p.m.
  • Duration: 15 minutes.

Those who arrived early in the day can attend the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, where they can celebrate the spirit of the park where Magic Kingdom comes alive with dancing and music.

  • Time: The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade runs from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Duration: 12 minutes.

Magic Kingdom hosts the most festivities at Disney. Thus, this theme park will remain crowded most of the time. People who don’t believe the shows are a must for them can instead enjoy those moments by hopping on iconic rides.

What to do at EPCOT on Day 2 at Disney

Disney Park’s biggest nighttime spectacle ever is taking place at Disney’s EPCOT for the park’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Harmonious features familiar Disney tunes that celebrate how the entertainment giant’s music has inspired people around the world. A diverse group of artists reinterprets the tunes during this show, where attendees can hear their favorite songs in the artists’ original languages.

  • Time: Harmonious takes place at 9:00 p.m.
  • Duration: 20 minutes.

EPCOT has several new attractions that people should try when spending the day at the beautiful theme park. These include Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, which launches May 27, 2022, and Play! Pavilion, where people can connect with family, friends and beloved Disney Characters as they join an interactive city filled with activities, games and diverse experiences.

  • Where to eat: People are recommended to dine at EPCOT’s new Space 220 restaurant, which is a stellar space station with a view of space. As for pancake lovers, they can taste them at La Crêperie de Paris, located next to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

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Join the 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Day 3

When visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, people must catch Disney KiteTails, a new daytime show that takes place at the Discovery River Amphitheater. It runs several times a day and features performers flying kites and windcatchers of all sizes and shapes. There are also larger three-dimensional kites showing Simba, Baloo, Zazu, King Louie and other Disney animal friends. It all unfolds with magical Disney songs. People will also enjoy the brand new EARidescent Flotilla. This is where they will have the chance to meet their favorite characters on Discovery River.

  • What to eat: There are lots of new foods and drinks to try at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, including the EARidescent Firefly Ice Cream Sandwich and Mocktail. People can view the park’s full 50th anniversary menu on the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Let the Adventure Begin at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Day 4

Guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary will enjoy various attractions including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, Droid Depot, and more. Visitors should also not forget to attend the 2-night adventure, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

During the world’s most magical celebration, viewing the stunning Beacons of Magic every night at all four Disney theme parks is a must. We must not forget the addition of the 50th electric water competition, a must in the park.

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