5 animated shows for adults that aren’t as good as you remember (& 5 that still hold up)

There is an endless deluge of television that comes out every year and the excess content can sometimes be overwhelming for audiences. Animated series once occupied a somewhat niche place in television schedules, but the animated series support have only grown in importance, whether in response to children’s shows or animated series that are more geared towards adults.

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It’s not uncommon for some shows to make a huge impression when released, only to slowly fade or become fashionable products of their time. Hindsight is a powerful thing and there is copious content that has badly aged since its original release. Some adult animated series may cause grimaces when revisited, but there are still shows that can stand the test of time.

ten Isn’t that good: the reviewer gets lost in the pop culture of the past

Cartoons Critic Jay Sherman Siskel Ebert

The simpsons remains an iconic piece of television, and much of its creative team have been able to translate the show’s biting comedy into other vehicles. The critic was started by The Simpsons writers Al Jean and Mike Reiss, and the show’s Jay Sherman even stuck in an episode of The simpsons.

The critic focuses on a pompous film critic and while it’s a well-written series, much of its humor comes from the mockery on the landscape of 1990s movies. That leaves The critic feeling very dated and most of her big gags now seem awkward.

9 Still Holds: Duckman is nervous, ambitious, and painfully real

Duckman ran for four seasons on USA Network, but unfortunately it’s become a bit of a cult classic and it’s not enough on people’s radar. The series is making waves for Jason Alexander’s furious performance as the show’s main character, but there is such humanity and endless social commentary to the show.

Duckman tilts towards adult extremes and has crass impulses, but it’s also a show that pastiches about Hamlet or the works of prolific Russian authors. This strikes the perfect balance between intelligent, emotional and hilarious in a more natural way than what is present in modern series.

8 Isn’t As Good: Clerks – The Animated Series Is Too In Love With Itself To Grow Up

Kevin Smith is a vital voice that grew out of independent cinema, with Clerk being the director’s first business card. Smith often returned to the characters in his “View Askewniverse” on several occasions, but an effort to bring Clerk the return to life was short-lived for ABC Clerk: The Animated Series.

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Although having some Seinfeld‘s creative staff, Clerk gets a little too ambitious with his comedy and he struggles to come together. Only six episodes of Clerk: The Animated Series have been produced and barely two of them have been released, but it’s not a cultural touchstone that needs to be revisited.

7 Still Holds: King Of The Hill Creates An Effortless Character-Driven Comedy

Cartoons King Of The Hill Bobby Comedy

There are a handful of adult animated series that span decades and produce hundreds of episodes. It is natural that these shows end up achieving diminishing returns at some point, whether The Simpsons, Family Guy, or even Bob’s burgers. However, king of the hill has turned out over 250 episodes, and the latest installments are just as impressive as anything from the show’s early years.

king of the hill works so well because it deeply understands his characters and adjustment. Most of the best jokes come from knowing these people. It’s subtle comedy at its best.

6 Isn’t that good: Mr. Pickles is too focused on graphic violence to come up with a story

Adult Swim has changed the landscape of adult animation in an undeniable way, and dozens of groundbreaking series have come out of the ambitious programming block. However, there are also some Adult Swim series that get overly concerned with the mature nature and level of freedom they are allowed, but just because something can be free doesn’t mean it should be.

The majority of Mr. pickles the episodes revolve around intense murder and sexuality, with the dog possessed by the titular demon of the series at the heart of everything. It’s a lot of style on the stuff here.

5 Still Holds: Home Movies Strikes the Perfect Balance With Its Heartbreaking, Overlapping Nature

home movies

Loren Bouchard has become a go-to name in animation after FOX’s continued success animated family comedy, Bob’s burgers, but much of the show’s DNA is present in his earlier work and that of Brendon Small: Home movies. Home Movies was one of Adult Swim’s original groundbreaking programs and while the animation leaves a little to be desired, the strength of the show lies in its overlapping semi-improvised dialogue.

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Brendon Small and his friends are children, but Home Movies works with an adult level of insight, especially when it comes to the unhealthy and empowering behavior of Coach McGuirk from H. Jon Benjamin.

4 Isn’t that good: Legends Of Chamberlain Heights should never have left the planning stages

Television Legends Of Chamberlain Heights Diner

Comedy Central presented major adult animation programs and series like South Park continue to lead the pack. Other animated series on the network have struggled to connect, but Legends of Chamberlain Heights acquired two seasons before ending quietly.

The animated series takes a look at a trio of inane high school kids who are pushed forward with delusions of grandeur about their basketball skills. Legends of Chamberlain Heights has an incredibly raw animation style, clearly meant to find success where South Park did, but it doesn’t work and the humor isn’t strong enough to carry it.

3 Still holds up: Futurama’s bold ideas stay entertaining regardless of the century

There are frequent debates about the seasons of The simpsons represent the series at its sharpest and when it borders on mediocrity. Futurama initially struggled to find an audience as large as The simpsons, but their fans are tremendously dedicated.

Futurama is more consistent from start to finish and it has successfully survived more than one cancellation and network change. The sci-fi seriesIt’s equally satisfying when it comes to cathartic character development or lopsided sci-fi storylines. The futuristic decor gives the animated series a certain timelessness.

2 Isn’t as good: Dilbert’s discomfort only got worse over time

Scott Adams Dilbert is one of the many successful comics that were able to turn into an animated series and Dilbert lasted for two seasons on UPN in the late 90s and early 2000s. Dilbert looks at the slice of workplace antics that follow the series titular white collar office worker.

The animated series sIt seemed like he was often proud of his dry, low-key humor, which might sound fresh at the time but didn’t hold up very well. Dilbert suffers from the fact that it’s just not interesting enough and in retrospect comes across as deeply bitter.

1 Still Holds: Orel’s Morale Reaches Raw Emotional Highs Before BoJack Horseman

There has been a real push in the animation industry for adult series that don’t shy away from the darkness of life and the depressing thoughts that can consume individuals. Programs like BoJack Cavalier and Rick and morty reached a large audience with this approach, but years earlier Adult swimming Moral Orel perfected this avant-garde approach.

Moral Orel is presented as a satirical take on religion and lesson-fueled programming, but it gradually unveils an unhappy marriage and the deeply dysfunctional compulsions that consume Orel Puppington in this repressed community. It’s a lot to take, but well worth it.

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