Alexa Mansour chosen for a new role

Alexa Mansour is known in The Walking Dead universe for her portrayal of Hope Bennet in the spin-off series The undead world beyond. At the end of this limited series, Hope was seen working with her father to develop his theory of yeast which speeds up the decay of the undead. Mansour has been announced as joining the cast of Fox’s Season 2 fantasy island series.

fox fantasy island is a fantasy drama that’s a modern reimagining of the original 1977 series. Guests arrive at a luxury resort full of dreams and desires, and when they leave, they’re enlightened and transformed by the magic of Fantasy Island.

Mansour will make her debut in the second episode of the show’s second season, where she was cast in a recurring role. Frankie Alvarez, Jai Rodriguez and Izzy Diaz will be the guest stars of this episode, which is scheduled to air on June 7.

Fantasy Island Season 2 premieres May 31 at 9 p.m. ET.

Alexa Mansoor

Mansour’s character in World Beyond could reappear in a number of different ways. In an episode of Tales of the Living Deadin a spin-off series, or maybe in The Walking Dead movies, if those ever come to fruition.

Then she will star in a thriller, Devonshire, where she plays Julia, a loud kid of wealthy Manhattan parents who is sent to boarding school and an inpatient therapy center.

She will also appear in the Paramount+ series Players, which will be released in 2022. This series is a mockumentary series that follows the fictional esports team League of Legends. Mansour plays Emma, ​​a popular streamer who loves and appreciates the game and gamers.

She is known for her roles in Home Before Dark, She’s in Portland, Madam Secretary, Seal Team, Unfriended: Dark Web and The resident.

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