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Stephane Moyer is an English actor and director. He has worked in theater, film and television, but is best known for his role as Bill Compton in the HBO fantasy drama series. Real blood.


Stephen Moyer, born Stephen John Emery, was born on October 11, 1969 in Brentwood, Essex (Stephen Moyer age: 51). For high school, Moyer attended St Martin’s in Hutton, Essex. He attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).


Moyer spoke exclusively with uInterview in June 2021 about the origin of his passion for acting and directing.

Moyer explained that when he was young “the escape which [he] came into life was to act. After playing roles in community theaters, amateur groups and school plays, he realized that the game is “where [he] found the most freedom, as a human.

“It’s always been a part of me, being able to lose myself in a character and not be me for a while,” Moyer said.

Moyer also explained how his passion for directing began when he started his own theater company with friends at the age of 16. The company, Moyer noted with pride, “is still around 35 years later.”

Since 2014, Moyer has produced four films and one television series. He spoke with uInterview about the experience of directing versus doing.

“I like to be on the other side of the camera and create, and watch the actors create,” Moyer said. “One little thing you say or do can make a difference, and it takes a whole new life, and I love the creative element of it.”

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For five years after graduating from LAMDA, Moyer worked exclusively in the theater. He has played roles in productions for the National Theater Wales, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Oxford Stage Company.

In 1993, Moyer made his first television adventure with the lead role of Philip Masefield in the television adaptation of the play. Conjugal rites. Her next major role was in the 1996 TV movie Lord of disorder, next to Richard wilson, Emilie Mortimer and Sloe scales. Moyer made his big screen debut in the 1997 Irish-British Sword and Witchcraft film Prince valiant, where he played opposite Katherine heigl. Also in 1997, Moyer starred in the first season of the British drama series Great.

In 2000, Moyer played Bouchon in the Phillip Kaufman period film Feathers, who played Geoffroy Rush, Joaquin phoenix, Michael caine and Kate winslet.

Moyer’s next big role was alongside Keira knightley in the 2001 TV movie Princess of thieves. Also that year he starred in the TV movie Channel 4 Men only. Moyer Ventured Into American Television With His Role As Simcha “Kazik” Rotem In The NBC War Drama Miniseries Uprising. The cast included Donald Sutherland, Jon voight and David Schwimmer, among others.

From 2002 to 2007, Moyer held several main roles in TV movies and series, including Threatens (2002), Perfect (2003), Entrusts (2003), NYLON (2004), The final quest (2004), Lilies (2007) and Empathy (2007).

2007 was a great year for Moyer. He held a leading role in the 2007 television miniseries The starting woman, featuring Debra Messing. The show was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Moyer landed his best-known role in 2008 when he was cast as Bill Compton in the HBO fantasy television series. Real blood. He performed alongside his now wife Anna paquin. The series has won several Emmys and a Golden Globe. The show ended after seven seasons in 2014.

From 2008 to 2017, Moyer starred in five TV shows (Ice in 2011, The bastard executioner in 2015, Fire in 2017 and Secure house in 2017), was featured in two others (Phinée and Ferb in 2010, Jan in 2012) and starred in the 2015 TV movie Kill jesus.

2017 saw another of Moyer’s best-known roles with the role of Reed Strucker in the superhero TV series The gifted, based on the X-Men universe from Marvel Comics. Fox canceled the series after two seasons in 2019.

In 2020, Moyer starred in the first season of Wealthy son, a Canadian spy drama television series.

Moyer is currently working as a director and executive producer on the Amazon show. Flack, which stars his wife Paquin.


Moyer spoke with uInterview about his work on the show Flack, which premiered in February 2019. Moyer is executive producer of the series and directed two episodes of the first season (“Danny & Deepack” and “Alexa”). Although Moyer primarily works on camera, this is not his first foray into directing. He previously directed episodes of Real blood as well as the 2017 film The farewell drink (also with Paquin).

Moyer explained his relationship with Paquin, saying, “I think as a couple we have a great working relationship. We met while working, we did this for eight years, we have our own production company, [and] I directed it when I made my film debut in 2017. ”

Because of their marital bond and long history of collaboration, the two have developed “a kind of family shorthand,” according to Moyer.

Moyer also explained how, in the creation of Flack, he and Paquin sought to create a “diametrical opposite” to the character of Paquin Sookie from. Real blood. Robyn, the character of Paquin in Flack, reached new emotional depths in season two. Moyer said: “We knew we were literally taking him to Dante’s hell – we were taking him deep down.”

This is, according to Moyer, where their close relationship became particularly beneficial.

“These are two very emotional episodes for Robyn, and so I’m really glad it was me, I think Anna was happy that I was doing it, because of how comfortable we are together,” Moyer said. “And that meant we could be genuine and go to where you need to go to shoot that stuff.”

Flack is a dramatic comedy that follows Robyn (played by Paquin), an American public relations executive, as she navigates the missteps and controversies of her famous clients as well as her own personal essays.

Moyer told uInterview that the show is part of the greatest “golden age of television”, which has seen shows “crumble on the surface of humanity.” Flack, in particular, features many female roles, which Moyer explains as an attempt to talk about “how women deal with the daily complexity of being a woman in the world.”

The show, in Moyer’s words, tries to show the standards to which women are held not only by the patriarchy, but by other women. He explained that the show tries to talk about these issues “in a complicated, difficult and dark … but also really funny way”.

Describing the darker aspects of the show, Moyer explained, “It’s not meant to be easy… it’s not just comedy, it’s dramatic work that turns out to be quite funny and dark as it is. shit. “

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Moyer married Paquin, his current wife, in 2010. They met in 2007 while filming the first season of Real blood. The couple have two children together (twins Charlie and Poppy) who were born in 2010. Moyer also has a son, Billy, from a previous marriage and a daughter, Lilac, from his seven-year relationship with the reporter. Lorien Haynes. The family currently lives in Venice, California.

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