DCEU: 10 Exciting New Characters Joining in 2022

The DCEU has been on a winning streak since last year with its successes with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Suicide Squadand more recently, Peacemaker. While Warner Bros. expands the DCEU this year and next year, a ton of new characters are set to join.

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Warner originally featured DC Comics’ best characters, but now they’ve grown more confident in adapting lesser-known properties. DC’s future in film is very bright and there’s plenty to be excited about.

Unknown Goddess (Rachel Zegler)

Rachel Zegler Shazam Featured Character

Appearing as the youngest of the sister goddesses of Shazam: Fury of the Gods is Rachel Zegler. Much of her role is being kept under wraps, but after her breakout performance last year West Side Storythere is a lot of excitement for her.


Based on photos and footage revealed so far, it looks like Zegler’s character will be close to Jack Dylan Grazer’s Freddy Freeman. Zegler also revealed recently, via RBCwhich she filmed with Gal Gadot ahead of Disney’s upcoming Snow White remake, fueling rumors of a possible Wonder Woman appearance in the film.

Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan)

Black Adam Doctor Fate Justice Society Pierce Brosnan

Many have drawn comparisons to Marvel’s Doctor Strange with this character, but the truth is Doctor Fate came first. Introduced in 1940 during the Golden Age of Comics, Doctor Fate was one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America, the superhero organization that preceded the better known Justice League.

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A master of sorcery, Doctor Fate was gifted with powers after being trained by the ancient Mesopotamian being, Nabu. Doctor Fate is set to be introduced to the DCEU this year black adamembodied by the great Pierce Brosnan, who will undoubtedly deliver a great performance.

Alysia Yeoh (Aquino Ivory)

Alysia Yeoh made headlines when she first appeared in 2011, for being the first major transgender character to appear in comic books. She initially appears as Barbara Gordon’s first roommate and the two get along very well. After Barbara reveals her identity as Batgirl, Alysia also reveals that she is transgender, which Barbara accepts with love and compassion.

Alysia Yeoh will make her DCEU debut later this year in bat girl, portrayed by transgender actress Ivory Aquino. It’s absolutely fantastic to see this kind of representation in superhero movies, which further proves that people of any race, creed, or sexuality can appear in great movies.

Firefly (Brendan Fraser)

Set photo of Brendan Fraser as Batgirl

After appearing on the DC show Doom Patrol, Brendan Fraser is set to take on another DC Universe role. This time being Firefly in bat girl. Usually portrayed as a crazed arsonist, Firefly was originally introduced in 1952 as a special effects artist who used illusions to commit theft. Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths event that rebooted the mainline DC Universe, Firefly was changed to a fire-loving sadistic arsonist, due to previous similarities to Marvel’s Mysterio.

A great actor in his own right, it’s very refreshing to see Brendan Fraser back in a major role in a seminal film. He’s had a knack for playing goofy characters in the past. His performance in monkey-bone undeniably showed its wilder side, which will work great with Firefly.

Hawkman (Aldis Hodge)

Hawkman is easily one of the most iconic characters in the DC world. Hawkman’s character has had a pretty interesting origin over the years. The best known is Carter Hall, a modern-day archaeologist who was the reincarnation of the Egyptian Prince Khufu. However, there was also the Silver Age Hawkman known as Katar Hol, an alien part of the “Hawk-Police” but no one really talks about him.

Aided by his magic metal Nth, Hall has the ability to fly and also gains enhanced eyesight and strength. Aldis Hodge will play Hawkman in black adam this autumn. Hodge is a very talented actor and he will bring a lot of fun to the movie. So there’s hope that Hawkman can stay in the DCEU and join the Justice League in the future.

Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell)


Introduced in 2006, Cyclone is a relatively new comic book character. Created by Geoff Johns, Maxine Hunkel is extremely intelligent and studied at Harvard. Her overly outgoing, know-it-all personality has often caused others to stay away from her, causing her to develop a certain amount of social anxiety, which many can relate to.

Cyclone is set to appear alongside Doctor Fate and the Justice Society in the highly anticipated black adam where Quintessa Swindell will represent her. One can only hope his social dilemma will be adapted as it can make the character very vulnerable and relevant to younger audiences.

Batgirl (Leslie Grace)

An absolutely iconic character, Batgirl is someone DC fans have been clamoring for a movie for some time. Leslie Grace is set to star in the film, following her standout role in In the heights. Barbara Gordon has always been an interesting Batman-related character, but she also works well on her own.

Grace is also joined by JK Simmons who will reprise her role as Commissioner Gordon. The dynamic between the two Gordons is something to look forward to as he deals with the repercussions of his fight against crime. Batgirl is such an important character in DC, so it’s really exciting to finally see the Bat-family come to fruition in the DCEU.

Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson)

Black Adam standing outside a building.

The Rock’s casting as Shazam’s nemesis predates the entire MCU, as first announced in 2007, by SlashFilm. Things changed behind the scenes and Black Adam’s appearance in Shazam! moved to him appearing for the first time in his own solo film. Fast forward several years later and now fans will finally see Johnson play the part.

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Seeing The Rock play a villain/anti-hero is an exciting prospect because he’s only really played “good characters” throughout his career. Johnson has also expressed a ton of interest in potentially battling Henry Cavill’s Superman in a future movie.

Nightwing (Dylan O’Brien)


Easily one of the most popular DCEU Robin fan casts, Dylan O’Brien is set to take on the coveted role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing in the DCEU. Scooper and reliable writer for The GWW, KC Walsh revealed that Dylan O’Brien had indeed been cast in bat girlalso supporting industry insider MyTimeToShineHello.

Nightwing’s inclusion in the DCEU raises a lot of eyebrows as Dick Grayson has been confirmed to be the dead Robin of batman versus superman. A safe guess is that he was Michael Keaton’s Robin from Batman, which can be proven by set pictures of a mural starring Michael Keaton and a young Robin. Either way, having O’Brien as Nightwing is a dream come true for many.

Batman (Michael Keaton)

Concept art of Michael Keaton alongside Barry Allen from The Flash and a set photo of Keaton from Batgirl

Originally planned to appear in the flash this year delays and retakes have changed those plans and now the flash is slated for a spring 2023 release. Luckily, Batgirl has held off its 2022 release, so fans will be happy to know they’ll see Keaton return later this year.

The Burton Batman series is so awesome and having Keaton don the batsuit again is just magical. He should have a mentor-like presence in the DCEU going forward with bat girl being his first appearance. Whatever multiverse shenanigans brought him into this universe will likely be saved for the flash but fans won’t have to wait long to see Batman team up with Batgirl against Firefly.

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