Elvira explains how good horror movies are for you in new Netflix video

Elvira explains how good horror movies are for you in a new Netflix promo video featuring October’s Netflix & Chills with Dr. Elvira.

Elvira explains how horror movies are good for you in a new promo video for Netflix and chills with Dr Elvira. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a campy, busty, and horrifying late night B-movie host who has been on the horror scene since the early 1980s. The character was created to fill the void left by Larry Vincent, a popular late night B-movie host in LA Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson, made a career out of playing the sexy / scary late-night hostess, creating an entire brand around her, leading to everything from merchandise to Elvira collectibles to comics to movies and more.

Peterson has made appearances in several shows and films over the years, both as Elvira and in other roles. She appeared in Tim Burton The great adventure of Pee-Wee as a biker and has appeared in a variety of reality shows, Girls next door To Last man standing To Confront. Elvira has also appeared in animated form, appearing in a number of direct videos. Scooby doo movie theater.

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As Halloween approaches, Netflix has released a new promotional video for Elvira’s next venture, Netflix and chills with Dr Elvira, in which the late night hostess explains why horror movies are really good for you. The tongue-in-cheek video is very about the brand for the cult horror hostess, showing off her usual strengths and talents that have defined her brand for over 40 years. Elvira will take over the streamer’s social channels every Sunday evening in October to recommend new horror titles to watch on the platform, which will launch a new horror movie every Wednesday night of the spooky month. Watch the video below:

Peterson recently published his memoir, “Yours cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Dark Mistress “, which documents his decades-long career, as well as his personal life. The 70-year-old artist revealed in the book that she has been romantically involved with her assistant for 19 years and calls herself “fluid” in terms of gender identity.. The character of Elvira has often been seen as an ally and an LGBTQ icon throughout her long career in the role.

Elvira is one of the most well-known characters in pop culture, largely because Peterson retains the rights to the character. Regardless of the late-night B-movie platform, Peterson made Elvira a bonafide brand that can be found in everything from Funko Pops! to mouse pads to t-shirts and beyond, even to this day. Creating a character from scratch may seem like a straightforward endeavor, but keeping one alive for that long is no small feat. Having Elvira Honoring the horror community with its presence on Netflix throughout October feels like a fitting addition (form) to the spooky season.

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