Every new horror movie releases in October and Halloween

October, the host month of Halloween, is always a 31-day celebration of all that is scary and there will be several new horror movies to watch during this time.

October, host month of Halloween, is generally a 31-day celebration of all that is scary, and 2021 will see the arrival of several new horror movies to watch during this time. While horror is arguably a more widely accepted genre today than it ever has been, it looks like there will always be parts of society that view it as an inferior form of entertainment. This is especially true for slasher movies, which are typically full of blood, guts, gore, sexual content, and even sometimes take their franchise to space.

While horror fanatics would argue that slashers are just as valid as any other kind of movie, the genre is much more than towering killers carving out teenage victims – even if non-fans try to stereotype it. in this way. Anything can happen in horror, much the same way as in science fiction or fantasy and it allows for almost limitless opportunities for creativity. That’s why Oscar-winning classics like The Exorcist, B-grade hilarity like Leprechaun or literal trips to hell like Event horizon can all share the space under the huge umbrella of horror.

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October 2021 will offer the public no less than seven new horror films to discover, some in theaters and others in streaming. Styles range from black comedy and slasher to psychological terror, zombies and more. Without further ado, here are all the new horrors planned around Halloween.

The Addams Family 2 (October 1)

The Addams Family 2019

While The Addams Family 2, the sequel to the franchise’s 2019 hit animated reinvention, is definitely not a traditional horror film, horror fans tend to love the creepy, mad family for obvious reasons. The Addams Clan epitomizes a love for the dark and the weird, and while it’s taken to comedic extremes, it’s a spirit many horror viewers can relate to. It makes perfect sense that Addams’ latest adventure is set to kick off the spookiest month of 2021. Almost all of the main cast are reprising their roles, including future Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac as Gomez and Charlize Theron in the role of Morticia, with the only notable absence. being Finn Wolfhard choosing not to return to voice Pugsley.

There is someone inside your house (October 6)

Ever since Netflix started making a name for itself as an original content provider in the mid-2010s, horror has been a big part of their original movie and TV offerings. From films like Gerald’s game and Bird box to shows like Strange things Where The Haunting of Hill House, subscribers seem to like a good scare. The first Netflix original horror film of October 2021 is There is someone in your house, directed by Patrick Brice, director of Crawl movies. The story sees a student transferred from Hawaii to Nebraska find herself in danger after a terrifying serial killer begins to prey on people in her new hometown.

Halloween Kills (October 15)

Halloween kills firefighter Michael Myers

After a year of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween kills finally sees Michael Myers return to ring in another Halloween season. As seen in the trailers, the sequel picks up right after Halloween 2018, with Michael escaping Laurie’s burning house, slaughtering a group of hapless firefighters and setting out again in search of Laurie Strode and her offspring. While this Michael is no longer Laurie’s brother, there is definitely a personal vendetta between them, which can only be resolved through the death of the other. It remains to be seen how Halloween kills will do the trick financially, as it competes directly with Sony / Marvel’s much-hyped sequel Venom: let there be carnage.

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Night teeth (October 20)

Lucy Fry and Debby Ryan in Night Teeth on Netflix

Another new original horror offering from Netflix in October, Night teethThe plot synopsis almost looks like a darker take on the Tom Cruise / Jamie Foxx thriller Collateral. Night teeth sees a college student working as a driver to make ends meet picking up two magnetic young women for a night on the town. What seems like a simple job goes crazy when the women turn out to be bloodthirsty vampires, and what’s more, at odds with the rival vampire tribes. Stranger still, his own brother leads the fight against them.

Last night in Soho (October 29)

Last night in Soho

There aren’t many filmmakers with enough name value to spark interest in anything they’re working on purely by reputation, but at this point director Edgar Wright seems to have reached that level. Of course it doesn’t hurt Last night in Soho, a psychological horror story, looks like a haunting descent into the disturbing shadows of life, with young Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) mysteriously transported to the 1960s and into the body of her then-favorite singer, Sandie ( Anya-Taylor Joy). It sounds like the recipe for fun on the surface, but neither the past nor Sandie is as light and sparkling as it first appears.

Wood (October 29)

Keri Rusell Wood

Also open on Halloween weekend is Drink, which has been waiting to be launched for some time, as it was another film long delayed due to the Coronavirus. Drink is led by Mad heartby Scott Cooper and based on a story by Zero string creator Nick Antosca, Drink Play Keri Russell as Julia, a small town teacher who gets too involved in the life of one of her students, while this student gets to know a real-life freak. The ever-reliable Jesse Plemons also stars as Julia’s brother, who happens to be the town’s sheriff investigating a mysterious murder.

Army of Thieves (October 29)

Matthias Schweighofer as Ludwig Dieter in Army of Thieves and Athena Perample as Alpha Queen in Army of the Dead

Landing also on Halloween weekend, this time on Netflix, is Army of thieves, a prequel to Zack Snyder’s well-received horror comeback Army of the dead. Viewers shouldn’t expect a full-length horror flick, however, as this prequel is set back towards the start of the outbreak and is just as much a heist film as a zombie flick, possibly more so. . There are romantic comedy elements in play as well, so Army of thieves may well join the little rom-zom-com club popularized by Edgar Wright Shaun of the Dead. Snyder isn’t directing things this time around, with this concert being attributed to Matthias Schweighöfer, a German actor and director who is best known for his work in his home country. Snyder still has story credit and serves as a producer.

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