‘Ghost in the Shell’ finally hits IMAX screens in North America

Prepare yourself, animation fans. The cult 1995 animated film Ghost in the Shell is coming to the big screen. IMAX theaters across the country will soon feature a remastered 4K version of the cyberpunk hit. The new format promises to exhibit never-before-seen aspects of the film, enhancing the nuances of the dynamic animated characters. Cutting-edge technology gives filmmakers the unique opportunity to bring the film to life the way it was meant to be seen.

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The story of “Ghost in the Shell”

The original story of Ghost in the shell comes from the manga of Masamune Shirow. Since its inception, the comic book tale has been transposed into theatrical animated films, animated television series and numerous video games. According to Comicbook, the most recent version of the story is told in the Netflix TV series Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045.

In 1995, acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii created a blockbuster film, drawing an audience of countless anime fans. The futuristic sci-fi thriller, based in 2029, stars Major Motoko Kusanagi, an elite cyborg police officer who pursues a mysterious cybercriminal called the Puppet Master.

Newsweek claims the anime classic is “often touted as one of the best in its genre.” The remastered version of Oshii’s 1995 Vision will be released simultaneously in the US and Japan in an exclusive IMAX format.

Remastered for North American Theaters

The legendary animated film was remastered in 4K for a North American IMAX theatrical release on September 17, 2021. Nerdist claims the Ghost in the shell The animated film is “perfect for the enhanced IMAX viewing experience”. They explained how the images were reformatted with a “high degree of precision in every detail, including sound, brightness and contrast using IMAX’s image processing technology.”

Anime enthusiasts will be delighted to discover new information that “was dormant in the original 35mm film, which could not be reproduced with the technology in use at the time of its release.”

The enhanced 4K resolution brought to the big screen by Lionsgate will captivate audiences, telling the story of Ghost in the shell in a whole new way.

Controversy around the live adaptation

According to IMDb, actor Scarlett Johansson, of Black Widow celebrity, starred in a 2017 live-action remake of Ghost in the shell. Controversy surrounded the film, with viewers accusing the producers of whitewashing Johansson’s character. In an interview with IGN, Oshii claimed that she was “the best possible choice” for the character and that there was “no reason to say that an Asian actor should portray her.” The director defended the casting decision, claiming the main protagonist is a cyborg, which makes the issue of laundering irrelevant.

The Japanese director went on to say that Rupert Sanders, the director of the live-action adaptation, doesn’t have to “stay true to the way things were expressed in the anime.” He stressed that it would be pointless to remake the film if Sanders had not “exercised his freedom as a director”.

Ultimately, viewers preferred Oshii’s take on Ghost in the shell. Rotten Tomatoes gave the 1995 classic a 96% Tomatometer score. In contrast, the film starring Johansson received only 43%, with the consensus of critics at Rotten Tomatoes being that it lacked “the magic of the film’s classic source material.”

Several older animations have found their way into North American cinemas, such as Hayao Miyazaki’s Abducted as if by magic and Gotoge from Koyoharu Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. at Tim Burton Nightmare before christmas animation is a film that has received deep praise. If the success of these films is any indication, the IMAX release of Ghost in the shell should prove to be a significant box office success.

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