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Since F. Scott Fitzgerald published Gatsby the magnificent in 1925, readers were captivated by the glamorous decadence of the jazz era that it was so skillfully able to bring to life on the page.

The book has been made into three different feature films and has inspired countless Halloween costumes, party themes, and even served as a style guide for many weddings around the world.

For the Sydneysiders, the Gatsby experience is set to get more three-dimensional, with the news that from February 2022, the Wonderland Bar at Potts Point will host an immersive Gatsby extravaganza.

Led by a set of brilliantly talented Australian actors, GATSBY THE MAGNIFICENT will offer audiences the opportunity to experience Gatsby’s story like they’ve never seen it before. Expect secret dates, dramatic showdowns, counterfeit gin, and a party only Jay Gatsby could throw.

As a member of the audience, you will take on the role of Nick Carraway – the beloved novel’s first-person narrator – as he tells a tragic love story. Nick, originally from the Midwest, arrived in New York in 1922 in search of the American dream. A budding writer, he moves in next to millionaire Jay Gatsby and across the bay from his cousin Daisy and her thief husband, Tom. Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the rich and, as he witnesses their illusions and deceptions, writes a story of impossible love, dreams and tragedy.

A fable of the era of jazz, of enchantment and illusion, of a world where love and dreams are pursued and betrayed, this immersive adaptation of the beloved story was created to blur the boundaries of theater conventional. It will allow the public to explore and immerse themselves in the world of Gatsby the magnificent through a “choose your own adventure” style production that will make everyone’s experience personal and unique.

As producer Aaron Robuck said in a statement, “This will be a theatrical production like no other. With just 40 spectators per performance, each will explore the world of Gatsby up close and in a personal way. A real roller coaster ride. guided by classic story and complex characters.

The GREAT GATSBY season will run from February 18 to June 26, 2022, Tuesday to Friday at 7 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets range from $ 75 to $ 85 and can be purchased at

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