Green Night Streams for $ 20 on Wednesdays with a unique virtual screening

Green Night was released exclusively in theaters in the United States on July 30. Much like the Delta version of COVID-19 began to get nervous about returning the theater straight to moviegoers.


Green Knight’s medieval fantasy film, which has only been theatrically released since its US release in late July, will be the subject of a special virtual screening for just one night on Wednesday. Distributor A24 said.. A $ 20 stream that lets you watch movies in a four-hour window starting Wednesday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET, the COVID-19 resurrection appears to be squeezing moviegoers. Therefore, it reflects the difficulties that the film continues to face. Return directly to the cinema.

To stream a movie, you must purchase access for $ 20. A24 recommends doing this before the start time. Ticket owners can then start streaming the film anytime between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Wednesdays. Once the two-hour movie begins airing, viewers will have a total of four hours of viewing before access is blocked. You also have the option to pause or go back. In addition to Green Knight as such, the screening includes both pre-screening and post-screening programming, including questions and answers from the cast and crew.

The film will be available to stream on the web or on the A24 app for Roku or Apple TV. For more information on how to view the projection, A24 FAQ.

Note: Once you start watching, be sure to change your device and update your browser. Buyers can only watch the movie twice in 4 hours. When you start playing the movie, one frame remains. If you play the video from another device or refresh your browser and play the video again, the additional view will be used. If you continue to play with it, you will be blocked.

Do not forget either that the release of the traditional online rental of Green Night will begin on Thursday, the day after this one-off virtual screening. Starting Thursday, the movies will be available in all major locations in the United States where you can rent movies online. Perhaps traditional online rentals do not include the bonus programming provided for the virtual screening. Additionally, A24 does not disclose the price of The Green Knight’s online rental, so it may be different from the price of the virtual screening.

Green Knight This is not the first film that A24 has chosen to release through its own model of online “screening room”. At the start of the pandemic, where cinemas were barely accessible across much of the United States, A24 hosted several virtual screenings of the then Oscar nominee, the movie Minari. (Minari ultimately earned six Oscar nominations and one victory.)

But if Minari attended multiple shows in A24’s online screening room, Thursday’s Green Night screening would be “just one night,” the company said. A24 had already organized another “one night only” Screening of the film Zora, A film based on an epic and viral Twitter thread.

Like Zora’s unique, next week’s Green Night online screening will feature a bonus film cast and a question-and-answer session with the crew.

Green Knight’s online availability points out that the film’s release schedule has yet to return to its normal pre-pandemic state.

After a wave of hope that an increase in vaccination in Hollywood this spring will lead to a box office relaunch this summer, the Delta COVID-19 variant has put another key in the work. This variant has increased the number of cases and hospitalizations around the world after the vaccine eased the suppression of many moviegoers regarding congestion in theaters. Now, the survey shows that consumers fear going to the movies again.

For most of the summer, box office revenue appears to be steadily strengthening from the decimation and anemia of 2020 earlier this year. suggests that COVID-19 concerns are once again squeezing the film’s box office revenue.

But as long as COVID continues to create new film needs as soon as (or soon after) home viewing options are released in theaters, those options are rooted in moviegoers’ expectations of what should be. the film. It is more likely to end up being available even after the risk of COVID decreases.

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