The process of raising capital for development investments often gives entrepreneurs a lot of problems. Although there are many bank loan offers available on the market, obtaining funds through them involves a number of time-consuming formalities and requirements that are sometimes difficult to meet. In this case, an alternative solution becomes a new financial product – a development loan provided by the Monument Fund.

Investing in commercial or residential real estate requires large financial outlays, therefore, raising such capital is an extremely problematic part of the enterprise for many entrepreneurs. By starting the search for appropriate sources of financing, investors first seek assistance from banking institutions. Unfortunately, in many cases, it turns out that these offers are subject to a number of requirements and formalities, which consequently become difficult to meet. An example of this can be a thorough analysis of the company’s financial situation, income, business climate and economic forecasts, which also has the effect of extending the application verification time. The investment objective itself must fit into strictly defined categories of implementation. The way of settling accounts with the tax authorities is also important. However, the most important condition is to check the creditworthiness and credit history, whose negative image causes the automatic rejection of the application, consequently affecting the delay of the completion date or the complete resignation of the investment.