Is The Crow on Netflix for Halloween 2021? Where to watch the 90s movie

We’ve finally arrived in October, which means Halloween is on everyone’s mind. Fans of this holiday season have a favorite episode, show, or movie that they love to watch this time of year.

Some even have a whole watchlist to go through, but in recent years we’ve all had to consider where a title might be streamed because not every Halloween favorite or spooky title streams. on television these days.

One of those classics is the dark superhero fantasy of 1994 The crow based on the comic book by James O’Barr. Starring the late Brandon Lee, who was fatally injured on set, the film follows musician Eric Draven who was murdered alongside his fiancee Shelly Webster.

A year later, Eric is resurrected thanks to the power of a mysterious crow that allows him to avenge his death and that of Shelly at the hands of a gang. The film takes viewers through the sandy belly of Eric’s town as he tracks down the men responsible for stealing his and his love’s future together.

The crow, which spawned several sequels, is a Gothic marvel and a story moviegoers have been returning to for over 27 years. Here’s where to watch the movie for Halloween!

How to watch The Crow for Halloween 2021

The crow is not available to stream on Netflix, however, the film can be viewed on Paramount + for Amazon Prime Video subscribers and members who subscribe to the Paramount + channel. Another option is rental The crow through Amazon for $ 3.99 or through another paid rental service.

It is not known if the film will be available on television during the month of October. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information and coverage on the Halloween movies and shows available to stream on Netflix this holiday season!

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