Jamie Lee Curtis embarks on ‘Doctor Strange’ sequel

Marvel recently launched their new blockbuster image, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa sequel to 2016’s ‘Doctor Strange’. The latest action-thriller, developed on the premise of a multiverse with different versions of the same person living similar or entirely different lives (as seen in the previous film from the studios, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”).


Before the release of “Doctor Strange 2”, Jamie Lee Curtis‘ ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ has been released in theaters. The action-thriller successfully showed that the MCU isn’t the only place a multiverse can exist, leading to various parallels between it and “Doctor Strange.”

While ‘Doctor Strange 2’ included a lot of CGI, which cost a lot of money and took a long time to develop, Curtis just revealed that his image cost a lot less and seemed to put the two films together. against the other.

Jamie Lee Curtis Draws Comparisons Between ‘EEAAO’ and ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Curtis recently took to his Instagram page to promote his own movie, “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Without mincing words, she drew comparisons between her film and Marvel’s “Doctor Strange 2,” saying hers was cheaper to produce but still delivered on all fronts.

“Everything, everywhere, all at once, it’s WONDERFUL! It has a deep BEATING heart and BRILLIANT visual treats, AMAZING performances and FANTASTIC BEAST FIGHT SCENES……AND it COSTS LESS than the ENTIRE crafting department budget on Doctor Strange and/or any other Marvel movie,” said she said via her social media account. .

The fact that his movie and the latest Marvel movie both featured a cross-universe quest added validity to the Hollywood veteran’s rant. However, that didn’t translate into stronger box office success, with ‘Doctor Strange 2’ grossing over a hundred million dollars in its first week, while ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ is still trolling despite having been in theaters for over a month.

Curtis trashed Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ sequel

In a previous post, Curtis took a swipe at Marvel’s “Doctor Strange 2” movie. She focused on the various posters for the film, which she displayed side-by-side in her new post, calling the Marvel poster a poster copy of her EEAAO film.

She not only promoted her independent film, but also lambasted Marvel’s “Doctor Strange 2” for using phrases with a subtle, underlying connotation that was coy but clear. The Hollywood veteran also alluded to her film’s excellent ensemble as if to imply that her own image could hold its own against the big names.

You could say Curtis’ impassioned rant was a clever marketing ploy to boost viewership ratings for his pic, much like Marvel’s marketing team did for their own blockbuster. Whatever his motivation, fans didn’t take his criticism of “Doctor Strange 2” lightly and responded strongly in his comments section.

Fans had mixed reactions to Curtis’ Instagram rant

Curtis’ Instagram comments section received several replies from fans who wanted to air their views after his post. While some poked fun at the Hollywood veteran’s sheer audacity in comparing her film to Marvel’s juggernaut, others pointed out the error of her ways by sharing some advice.

One fan said, “There really is no need to start fights like this. It just seems pointless. Both films are excellent in their respective ways for their specific audiences. There’s no need for competition or bragging about who has the best multiverse movie. There are more important things that can be discussed.

Another fan said: “Lol I was so glad to see the two of you… too bad you had to hit the other one. It doesn’t look good on you… being petty.

One follower commented, “Don’t disparage the other films. You are below that. People have worked hard on this movie and it will bring joy to many people.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ movie and Marvel’s blockbuster share more differences than similarities

While both films are rich in multiverse mythology, they take separate paths to deliver that concept. Curtis’ film centers on an ordinary laundry owner who confronts an alternate version of her daughter in order to preserve many realities.

By comparison, “Doctor Strange 2” featured former Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) fending off his disillusioned witchcraft colleague Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), who was determined to drain juvenile heroine America Chavez of her powers to cross the multiverse.

The two films also received different reactions from viewers and critics. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was praised for its unique characters, storyline, and action. Meanwhile, Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” received critical acclaim for its action-but-comic-filled scenes and the return of some MCU veterans.

Frankly, there’s more than enough room for both multiverse concepts, and if a comparison is to be made, it seems fair to leave it to the fans for whom the films were produced.