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The five-screen economy theater on the west side of Madison is now back to full capacity after it closed on March 16, 2020.

Photo: A twilight shot of the main entrance and marquee of Silver Cinemas where a list of films is “Now Playing” and the poster “The Green Knight” is lit up. Behind the windows of the entrance doors, fluorescent neon lights are suspended above the counter of the concession where tickets are sold.

After 18 months, Silver Cinemas at Market Square has reopened. The budget five-screen cinema, which has been a staple since 1989 on Madison’s West Side (at 6604 Odana Road # 1012, with its main entrance just off South Yellowstone Drive), closed in March during closings. widespread and returned last Friday, September 17.

Their first week lineup includes a diverse roster of summer hits and blockbusters, from the black sword to witchcraft of The green knight, Nic Cage Vehicle Pig, CGI family comedy by Boss Baby: Family business, thought-provoking travel documentary Roadrunner: a film about Anthony Bourdain, the action comedy by James Gunn The suicide squad, to the exploitation thriller Don’t breathe 2.

In the recent past, films have found their way to low budget or second-run theaters around three months after their first theatrical premiere dates. But in this new frontier of theatrical distribution that emerged after last year’s closings, that window seems to be narrowing. This is to the advantage of spots like Silver Cinemas, which had been a popular weekend destination, recalls general manager Deana Thorson.

The critics and audiences’ favorites of the summer that opened wide between mid-July and mid-August are now on view. The suicide squad, which just hit screens (and HBO Max) six weeks ago, three times a day, at 1:20 p.m., 4:10 p.m. and 7:10 p.m. Don’t breathe 2 premiered just five weeks ago, on Friday August 13, and has one evening show per day, at 7:20 p.m. Next week’s lineup (September 24-30) will see The green knight, Pig, and Boss Baby: Family business back with new post-apocalyptic horror projections A quiet place 2, M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller Old, and phase four MCU action blockbuster, Black Widow. Ticket prices are set at $ 4 for a morning or evening screening, usually cheaper than any movie available for VOD rental.

When eight sites of the Landmark Theaters chain (of which Silver Cinemas is a subsidiary) resumed reopening nationwide on the week of August 22, management expressed concern about the viability of booking all-week screenings and instead opted for a three-day program. “Some cinemas only opened for the weekend because they weren’t sure and hadn’t made any money in a while. They didn’t want to open fully. [up] until they have income, ”Thorson says. However, given Madison Silver Cinemas’ slightly delayed reopening date, they immediately chose to open at full capacity every day of the week, including upcoming holidays.

The Silver Cinemas website is currently under construction, so last week’s show times were revealed via social media before being posted to the website over the weekend. Thorson says there are plans to integrate it with the main Landmark Theaters site for better visibility. At the time of writing, however, they remain separate.

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