Marvel Just Set Up The MCU’s Doctor Doom

What if … from Marvel? Episode 4 has profound implications for the MCU – and it potentially sets up the introduction of the MCU version of Doctor Doom

The fourth episode of What if … from Marvel? subtly configure MCUs Doctor Doom. The multiverse has become a reality in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with countless branching timelines created that are vastly different from what explored in the movies. Sometimes the differences are only subtle, but on other occasions they are much more dramatic; the fourth episode being a perfect example of the latter.

In order to find a way to change the past, Doctor Strange searched for the lost library in Cagliostro. In the real world, Count Alessandro Cagliostro was an 18th-century occultist known for psychic healing, alchemy, and fortune telling. The comic book version of Cagliostro is very different, however; he is a wizard who became obsessed with time travel, copying pages from the book of black magic called Darkhold, and extending his own lifespan using the mystical arts. Cagliostro collected all kinds of forbidden knowledge, and he left those teachings behind for others to follow. This isn’t the first time Cagliostro has been mentioned in the MCU; in Doctor strange, the Elder had only one of his books, which contained the secrets of the Dark Dimension as well as advice on how to use the Time Stone. But now it looks like he left a lot more than just one book.

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Cagliostro’s lost library actually serves as a setup for Doctor Doom. The archenemy of the Fantastic Four, in the comics, Doctor Doom is not only one of Earth’s greatest scientific minds – he’s also a mighty wizard thanks to those who choose to guide Doom, like Cagliostro him. -same. Doom has always shown an interest in the mystical arts, although for a time Strange viewed him as significantly weaker, believing he was using technology to make up for his lesser skills. Doom extended his powers by seeking out guardians, like Cagliostro, who wasn’t afraid to teach him dark magic that even Doctor Strange would be wary of.

Doctor Strange Library of Cagliostro What if

This means What if … from Marvel? Episode 4 can serve as a subtle setup for the MCU’s Doctor Doom. In the comics, Doom searched for the secrets of witchcraft because he hoped to find a way to resurrect his mother, a motive surprisingly similar to that of Doctor Strange in What if…? So the MCU’s Doctor Doom could hear the same legends Strange had heard in this divergent timeline, searching for Cagliostro’s lost library in an effort to achieve the impossible, undo an absolute point in time, and seemingly change all over again. MCU timeline rules. The library held many secrets – as Strange scoured the books, he identified those on Transmutation, Telekinesis, and Teleportation, before settling on one on Time Manipulation. Thus, Doctor Doom could emerge from the Library of Cagliostro as a true rival to the Sorcerer Supreme.

Marvel has reclaimed the film rights to Doctor Doom when Disney acquired most of Fox’s film and TV empire, and it’s surely only a matter of time before it makes its MCU debut. Rather than taking the flush-and-repeat approach taken by Fox, making Doom a science-based villain who focuses solely on Reed Richards, Marvel could do him justice by having his story begin with witchcraft – and so position him as an enemy for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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