Marvel’s Evil Mjolnir is Thor’s darkest hammer

An evil version of Mjolnir requires its wearer to be unworthy and could make an appearance in the MCU when Jane Foster becomes the new Thor.

In a multiverse full of heroes and villains, there were always villainous versions of Thor. One of them was Thorr Odinson from Earth-14325, where the Avengers were a force for evil. Thorr was actually bad enough that when he found himself on Earth-616, he killed humans passing by for not kneeling in front of him.

But how could an evil Thor wield Mjolnir if he was unworthy of it? The short answer is because he was unworthy that he could have wielded his Mjolnir, since the normal 616 enchantment has been reversed. This hammer has a history with Thor during his outrage phase, coming in melee when our Thor needed it most. Since Thor’s entire life has been changed in the MCU, in many similar ways, could we see a similar multiversal mallet empowering Thor when Jane Foster wields Mjolnir in Love and thunder?

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First beginnings in Avengers # 25 (by Jonathan Hickman, Salvador Larroca, Frank Martin, Cory Petit of VC), this evil version of Mjolnir is functionally similar to Thor’s traditional hammer. It has all the same powers and components, but the phrasing on the hammer is changed slightly. One word in particular is changed in the entry: “worthy” bECOMES “unworthy,“meaning only those who are not the pure heart or whose belly is filled with divine righteousness can exercise it. This makes a difference for Thorr’s Mjolnir from the original in that it can be used by a greater number of people who do not have to meet the strict standard of dignity usually required of Mjolnir.

Of course, it’s possible that the hammer inherently makes people worse just because of what’s required to wield it. The dignity attached to Mjolnir ensures that only a privileged few can wield and benefit from the hammer. But those who strive to exercise it usually go through a metamorphosis, becoming the more powerful version of themselves in their efforts to be worthy of such power. A hammer that only requires indignity means that no one has to improve themselves to wield such great power. This invalidates the lesson that people should strive to be the example to be so powerful, and it could also corrupt people because earning so much effortlessly could make someone greedy or even vain, like Thorr.

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Interestingly, this hammer was wielded by Thor of Earth-616. At the time, he was unworthy of the hammer thanks to a message from Nick Fury on the moon that shook the God of Thunder’s resolve. His famous journey to dignity eventually reunited him with his hammer, but events threatening the Marvel Universe Infinite The event, hosted by Jonathan Hickman, saw the destitute Thor Odinson in need of divine strength. Fortunately, the Avengers retained Thorr’s hammer after defeating it previously, and our Thor was, unworthily, able to lift this Mjolnir to endow himself with his dark magic. It was not a substitute for his hammer, but it has filled the void in the meantime. It was a big comeback for Thor after such a slowdown in his fortunes, but will we see a similar turning point in the MCU?

Phase Four touched on the topic of the multiverse after shows like Loki and movies like Spider-Man: No Path Home. An evil Thor could easily exist there. If he left his Mjolnir behind, our Thor – who may no longer be worthy while Jane Foster holds the real Mjolnir for herself – could use it instead of the real deal. Granted, Thor has Stormbreaker now, but he could possibly lose or maybe even use both. If that was the case, he would be just as dangerous as he was when he was fighting Thanos at the end of Avengers: Endgame. It all depends on whether Marvel chooses to take such a divergent path, but a little touch of darkness in Thor’s life could do a lot for the MCU.

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