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It’s Halloween weekend, which means that in addition to getting dressed, you have to watch a horror movie. (That’s pretty much the law.)

This weekend offers some good options in terms of coolers. “The Queen’s Gambit” star Anya Taylor-Joy goes back in time for Edgar Wright’s new psychological thriller. Keri Russell faces a primal beast in a horror film produced by King of the Monsters Guillermo del Toro. Kate Siegel (“Midnight Mass”) has the worst hypnotherapist ever in a creepy spirit. And Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” zombie movie gets a heist-filled action comedy prequel with a little undead flavor here and there.

Here’s a guide to the new movies that will satisfy any cinematic taste:

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If you like the Swinging Sixties: “Last Night in Soho”

Wright takes a detour from his usual fare with this story of a young fashion student (Thomasin McKenzie) overwhelmed by his new London locale. At night, she dreams of the stylish ’60s era in the city and in particular of a booming lounge singer (Anya Taylor-Joy) trying to find her place in a misogynistic world, though the horrors of the past soon begin to invade today’s reality. With the first half a mind-boggling, neon-drenched, incredibly well-crafted affair, and late English actress Diana Rigg secures a notable final role, the film begins to run out of steam as it begins to deliver its biggest revelations. .

Where to watch: In theaters

Keri Russell plays an Oregon college professor who examines the appearances of a dark ancestral beast in the thriller "Drink."

If you like the characteristics of bizarre creatures: “Autlers”

Directed by Scott Cooper (“Black Mass”), the supernatural drama stars Russell as a college professor in a working-class Oregon town, preoccupied with a quiet, withdrawn student (Jeremy T. Thomas) creating drawings terrifying. Worry turns to terror, however, when the creature he keeps locked in his house breaks free. Much odd, the film also skillfully explores child abuse and trauma, and offers an awe-inspiring and spooky design for a primitive beast steeped in native mythology.

Where to watch: In theaters

Amanda Seyfried stars as a new mom struggling with anxiety and depression by "A mouthful of air."

If you could use a good cry: “A mouthful of air”

Newly nominated for an Oscar for “Mank,” Amanda Seyfried plays bestselling children’s author Julia, who writes about letting go of her fears, but is also a new mom with anxiety and depression. After a suicide attempt, her husband (Finn Wittrock), her doctor (Paul Giamatti) and others help put Julia back on track, until her struggles return to dealing with childhood trauma and another pregnancy. The emotional drama isn’t an easy watch, though occasional animated glimpses of Julia’s beloved book protagonist give her a much needed sense of hope.

Where to watch: In theaters

Matthias Schweighöfer directs and stars as ace Safecracker Dieter in Netflix "Army of thieves."

If you live for the heist movies: “Army of Thieves”

Matthias Schweighöfer reprizes his role as cracker ace Dieter (and also directs this detective comedy) which takes place six years before “Army of the Dead”. German bank teller, Dieter has strange skills when it comes to popping impossible locks, and he’s recruited by a mysterious pickpocket (Nathalie Emmanuel) to join a team that plans to smash three infamous safes through Europe. It’s mostly a wacky and fun adventure, thanks to Schweighöfer’s heroic clumsiness, but its 127-minute runtime and frequent references to the American zombie apocalypse keep it from being a catchy action flick.

Where to watch: Netflix

Kate Siegel is a woman in need of help whose hypnosis sessions go horribly wrong "Hypnotic."

If you are already suspicious of therapists: “Hypnotic”

In the Lifetime-Y thriller, Siegel stars as a woman named Jenn in need of a return to her rhythm professionally and personally, and she is introduced to a charming and famous hypnotherapist (Jason O’Mara). The sessions seem to work at first, until Jenn begins to experience power outages and bad news in general, and she soon contacts a detective (Dulé Hill) to investigate the less good doctor. Siegel, so good at “Midnight Mass” and other spooky Netflix dishes, is at least engaged even though the overall narrative is cheesy and predictable.

Where to watch: Netflix

If you are a super fan of Sung Kang: “Snakehead”

Fast and Furious devotee Kang plays an angry human trafficker in this potent thriller. Sister Tse (Shuya Chang) agrees to be smuggled from Taiwan to New York for a high price to find the girl she lost years ago, and then works for a Chinatown criminal family led by a matriarch. pragmatic (Jade Wu) to pay off his debt of $ 57,000. Quietly ambitious and determined Tse moves up the ranks and must ultimately choose between reuniting with her now teenage child or embracing her new ruthless side.

Where to watch: In theaters and on Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play

A female warrior (voiced by Lucy Lawless, left) runs into a despotic prince (Patton Oswalt) in the animated fantasy horror film "The spine of the night."

If you need a Halloween movie after the kids go to bed: “The Spine of the Night”

Those who grew up with the cult 1981 movie “Heavy Metal” and more adult-oriented animation will enjoy this horror fantasy that’s big on gore, cranial violence, and witchcraft despite a few plot tremors. (Although one comes to this more for the carnage than the narrative sense.) Lucy Lawless, back in her element “Xena”, voices a female warrior who seeks a magical flower that brought war and hardship to his country, with the impressive cast also including Patton Oswalt as the deranged ruler and Richard E. Grant as the grizzled old magical guardian.

Where to watch: In theaters and on Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play

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