New on DVD: Clint Eastwood in the saddle for ‘Cry Macho’ | Entertainment

Clint Eastwood’s latest release tops DVD releases for the week of December 7.

“Cry Macho”: Eastwood, strong at 91, directs and stars in this 1970s film about a former rodeo star and horse breeder who accepts a job to bring a man’s son back from Mexico and away from his mother alcoholic.

“It’s far too much to claim that ‘Cry Macho’ pretty much belongs to Eastwood’s biggest sequence work,” Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips writes in his review. However, the film “has a few notes of grace to remember, in addition to a beautiful gallery of images of Eastwood in silhouette, at dusk, against a large sky, alone with his thoughts.”

“Dear Evan Hansen”: A film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical about an anxious high school student who is caught up in a lie about the suicide of a classmate, with Ben Platt reprising the lead role.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong”: A family-friendly animated film about a clumsy middle school student who uses a new digital walking and talking device.

“Copshop”: A runaway crook, played by Frank Grillo, hits a small town cop in order to be put in jail, only for Gerard Butler’s hitman to find him anyway.

“The Girl Who Believes in Miracles”: Moved by a Pastor’s Words on Faith, a Young Girl Begins to Pray and the Residents of Her Town are soon mysteriously healed, but her miraculous gift comes with unwanted fame .

“Werewolves Within”: A live film adaptation of the video game about a small town under attack by werewolves.

“13 Minutes”: Four families living in the heart of the country must work together to survive when a tornado hits their city. With Amy Smart, Thora Birch and Peter Facinelli.

“Broadcast Signal Intrusion”: A video archivist discovers a pirate broadcast that sends him into a dark conspiratorial burrow.

“Call the Midwife: Season Ten”: Aired on PBS, the British drama follows a group of midwives in east London in the 1960s.

“Creepshow: The Complete Second Season”: The Shudder anthology series returns in this sequel to the Creepshow films.

“God is not dead: we the people”: a reverend takes the cause of families schooling their children at home after an inspection by a local government official.

“Last Shoot Out”: Western about a woman who runs away after realizing that her new husband was actually responsible for her father’s death.

“One Night in Miami …”: Regina King makes her directorial debut in this Amazon Prime film that imagines the meeting of Cassius Clay (soon to be Muhammad Ali), Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown on the night of a fight for the title In Miami.

“One Shot”: A team of Navy SEALs on a secret mission to transport a prisoner from a black CIA site is trapped in an island prison when insurgents attack trying to free the prisoner.

“Rick and Morty: The Complete Fifth Season”: The animated comedy Adult Swim continues the adventures of mad scientist Rick and his grandson, Morty.

‘Surge’: A London airline security guard who is having a bad day hits breaking point and launches into a pipe bender.

“American Insurgency”: A group of friends try to escape growing violence and oppression after a powerful militia takes control of the country.

“Beavis and Butt-Head Do America”: Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the feature film starring the crass duo MTV is available on Blu-ray for the first time.

“Harold and Maude”: The cult 1971 classic about a teenager who falls in love with an older woman has been restored and remastered on Blu-ray to mark its 50th anniversary.

The Jesus Music: Documentary exploring the birth and growth of the Jesus Music movement in the multi-million dollar industry of contemporary Christian music.

“The Reenactment”: Horror thriller about a film crew working on a real detective show in an abandoned house that might not be so abandoned after all.

“The Scrapper”: An ex-convict turned “scrapper” leads a quiet life until he is pursued by violent criminals after a failed robbery.

“Shirobako the Movie”: Japanese animated film about an animator overseeing a new theatrical anime production.

“You Can’t Kill Meme”: Documentary exploring the powerful world of political memes culture and how it can be used and exploited for political ends by groups such as the alt-right.

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