Operation JuJuPi political fantasy film starring Chaams to hit theaters on Diwali

Operation JuJuPi, the next English and Tamil bilingual film starring Chaams in the lead role, will hit theaters on Diwali (November 4), the actor announced on Tuesday.

The political fantasy film is written, directed and produced by Arunkanth, who has also donned the hats of music composer, sound designer, colorist and has managed several other departments as well.

Chaams, the well-known Tamil comedian-actor, is playing a leading role for the first time in his career. Operation JuJuPi marks its 150th film.

Talk to Silverscreen India, Arunkanth says the actor is playing a really serious role in the film. “Operation JuJuPi talks about an ordinary man’s dream of turning the nation into a happy place with the help of a magical master plan. I think development should be measured by people’s happiness, not economic growth. The film deals with world politics and also discusses how reforms can be made to the constitution, ”adds the filmmaker.

Noting that he worked with Chaams in his previous directors as Goko Mako and Indha Nilai Maarum, Arunkanth says, “Chaams is capable of playing a serious role and wanted to bring out his untapped talent. In addition, I like his dedication, his discipline and his team spirit.

The film also features a wide cast, including actors Vinodhini Vaidynathan, Jagan, Badava Gopi, Manobala, Raaghav Ranganathan, Santhana Bharathi, Venkat Subha, Vaiyapuri and Mounicka, among others.

Operation JuJuPi was filmed simultaneously in Tamil and English. In choosing to make a bilingual film, Arunkanth says people around the world need to see the film because it explains how to create a happy nation. “I made this film in Tamil because it is my mother tongue. But I also want it to reach audiences beyond borders, so I shot it in English as well.

The film was shot for approximately 26 days during November and December 2020 in places like Coimbatore, Western Ghats, Idukki, Karaikal, Vedaranyam and Rameswaram.

Operation JuJuPi should come out alongside big like Annaatthe and Maanaadu. Arunkanth says he was able to do this thanks to the standalone model he uses for his films, which includes pre-booking on his website. “I know my target audience and I have basic customer data. We started pre-booking the movie six months ago. Based on the response, I have spoken to several multiplexes and have time slots to show my film.

Arunkanth has also followed this method of promoting and booking tickets for its last two films. “It gives the film exhibitors confidence to provide screens for my films. I think following such a method can help small and medium scale movies get screens on desired dates. “

“Initially, Operation JuJuPi will be released in a handful of theaters on Diwali. Later, as I have more screens, I will deploy it in other states and countries, ”reveals the filmmaker, adding that after the theatrical release, he also plans to send the film. in festivals.

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