Parts of NJ to close this week for Anne Hathaway movie

Be on the lookout for the jersey! Another major film is being filmed in our region and the legendary Anne Hathaway is playing it. Hathaway is no stranger to the state of the garden. Many residents have probably seen her several times as she has appeared in many films which have been filmed here.

Did you know we have something in common with Hathaway? The actress grew up in New Jersey. It’s true. She’s from Millburn if you couldn’t already tell by her heavy New Jersey accent. Her most recent film in progress is called “Eileen”. According to, he is filmed all over different parts of New Jersey. The film has been in production since the fall. However, if you live in the town of South Amboy, be aware that Lagoda’s Saloon will be closed until Saturday for filming. According to, parts of Broadway in the city will also be closed. So be sure to plan accordingly.

Everything Anne Hathaway is in automatically comes to my attention. But I love the plot of “Eileen”. Apparently the story revolves around a woman working at a boys’ prison near Boston. Somehow, she herself is involved in a strange crime. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Ottessa Moshfegh.

So be on the lookout. You might just see the Oscar winner having coffee in town one day.

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