Sarah’s Hocus Pocus song was stolen from Edgar Allan Poe

Disney’s Hocus Pocus features several original songs in the film, but fans believe Sarah’s Lullaby was actually taken from poet Edgar Allen Poe.

Sarah Sanderson’s “Come Little Children” lullaby is one of many original songs composed for Disney’s. Hocus pocus, but some fans believe that maybe another famous poet wrote his lyrics. The iconic witchcraft film premiered in 1993, but Hocus pocus Stills holds enormous cultural popularity due to annual screenings on Disney Channel and Freeform. With a haunting score and stunning performances by stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, Hocus pocus has become a real Halloween staple.

Directed by Kenny Ortega, Hocus pocus follows the trio of sneaky witch-sisters Winnie, Sarah and Mary Sanderson when they are accidentally resurrected by teenager Max on Halloween night. After three centuries of trapping, the witches are horrified by the campy vacation that Halloween has become and are subsequently anxious to resume consuming the souls of the children of Salem. They do this by using spell books and cauldrons brimming with magic, with the other Sanderson sisters relying on Sarah to sing a magically alluring lullaby to lure the children to Sanderson Cottage.

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Sarah’s song “Come Little Children” was composed by James Horner with lyrics by Brock Walsh, but the chilling melody of the theme had Hocus pocus fans theorizing that the lyrics were stolen from an Edgar Allen Poe poem. In the film, Sarah sings a single verse to delight the children of Salem: “Come little children, I will take far / into a land of enchantment. / Come little children, the time has come to play / here in my magic garden.Oddly enough, another version of the lullaby can be found online, with two additional verses and different vocabulary. This new version, combined with the popularization Hocus pocus version, had fans eager to find out who really wrote the song for the original Disney Channel film.

Officially, Walsh is undeniably credited on IMDb for the lullaby lyrics, having a strong professional claim on the song alongside songwriter Horner. He had already written music for films John Q (2002) and television series rock cop (1990), as well as Hocus pocus‘s various “Chants and Incantations”, so this wouldn’t be the first or only time he had contributed music to the Disney movie. However, the darker tone and lyrical rhythm of “Come Little Children” had a few apocryphal sites claiming that the lyrics were taken from a supposed poem by Poe also titled “Come Little Children”. The poem contained the additional verses and word changes found in the online version, and the Halloween movie streaming version contained a ghoulish fantasy tone somewhat similar to the official works of Poe. In addition, the company that manages the license for “Come Little Children”, Hal Leonard Corporation, has officially included “Text based on the poem “Come Little Children” by Edgar Allan Poe “ to the song’s credit, adding some weight to Poe’s theory. With this, some fans insist that the mysterious poem “Come Little Children” was the work of the poet.

Unfortunately, none of this holds, as the dissent of Poe’s scholars as well as the poem’s absence in the official body of Poe’s work prove that there is little to no evidence of his involvement. A poem of this title does not appear in its omnibus, and the verbiage in the Hocus pocus song is too simplistic compared to poems like the famous “The Raven” or “A Dream”. Walsh himself had allegedly denied the theory in a e-mail to author D. Melhoff, confirming that the lyrics were his own original creation – but that he may have been inspired by a childhood fascination with Poe. As captivating as this theory is, it remains just a fun idea, belied by lyricist Walsh himself and by seasoned experts at Poe.

It is not clear where this strange theory came from, but suffice it to say that Hocus pocusThe soundtrack contains a host of festive Halloween melodies with weird lyrics. With the success and renewed interest in the first film, Disney announced a sequel, Hocus pocus 2, slated for release in 2022, so fans will have to wait to theorize what other poets might have contributed to the franchise.

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