Scott Pilgrim fans are excited about Netflix Anime News

Between a series of graphic novels, a live-action film, and an infamous video game, there have been several ways for fans to dive into the Scott pilgrim franchise. Like Hollywood journalist revealed on Friday, an animated series may soon be on that list, with an animation project currently in the works by Netflix and Universal’s UCP. Bryan Lee O’Malley, who created the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, writes and produces the project alongside Are you scared of the darkby BenDavid Grabinski. The pair would show off the series if enlightened. Edgar Wright, who directed and co-wrote the 2010 live-action adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs the world, will serve as executive producer alongside Nira Park, Marc Platt, Jared LeBoff and Adam Seigel. The animation of the project will be managed by the animation house Science SARU, with Abel Gongora as director.

Half action fantasy, half romantic comedy, Scott pilgrim centered around the titular slacker living in Toronto and in a garage band named Sex Bob-Omb with his friends. His life is turned upside down when he meets Ramona Flowers, a recently single American. But before their love can blossom, Pilgrim finds himself challenged by his love’s previous seven relationships and must overcome them excessively. The graphic novels were originally published by Oni Press from 2004 to 2010 and spawned the aforementioned film, an infamous video game and a legion of fans.

In a 2020 interview with Weekly entertainment, Wright said an anime adaptation of the franchise could be a possibility.

“There are plans – and there are nothing official right now – but there are plans to revisit the material in a lively way,” Wright explained at the time. “We’ve been chatting with Bryan and Jared for a while [about]: How about doing something with the books in the form of an anime? It is being discussed as we speak. “

Given the worship that follows Scott pilgrim has acquired over the years, news of a new adaptation – especially one with SARU Science involved – has sparked enthusiasm among many fans. Here are some of those answers.

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