No Credit Check Loans

Small to Medium size Business Loans and its Technique.


The process of raising capital for development investments often gives entrepreneurs a lot of problems. Although there are many bank loan offers available on the market, obtaining funds through them involves a number of time-consuming formalities and requirements that are sometimes difficult to meet. In this case, an alternative solution becomes a new financial product – a development loan provided by the Monument Fund.

Investing in commercial or residential real estate requires large financial outlays, therefore, raising such capital is an extremely problematic part of the enterprise for many entrepreneurs. By starting the search for appropriate sources of financing, investors first seek assistance from banking institutions. Unfortunately, in many cases, it turns out that these offers are subject to a number of requirements and formalities, which consequently become difficult to meet. An example of this can be a thorough analysis of the company’s financial situation, income, business climate and economic forecasts, which also has the effect of extending the application verification time. The investment objective itself must fit into strictly defined categories of implementation. The way of settling accounts with the tax authorities is also important. However, the most important condition is to check the creditworthiness and credit history, whose negative image causes the automatic rejection of the application, consequently affecting the delay of the completion date or the complete resignation of the investment.

Looking at the plethora of restrictive bank requirements, the alternative solution is to use the new solution – the Monument Fund development loan with a second mortgage collateral. However, what distinguishes this type of financing from the offers proposed by the banks?


Fast Working Time.


Fast Working Time.



According to Paulina Horabik – Member of the Board, Managing Director of the Monument Fund: “The attractiveness of the Monument Fund’s financial offer depends primarily on the speed and profitability of the co-financing granted. The allocation of capital is similar to banking procedures – the payment of cash depends on the progress of construction works.  In the case of a development loan, the difference is the reduced number of documents required, thus resulting in a faster application verification time. What’s more, thanks to the payment of funds in the form of a tranche, part of the commission is activated when the particular tranche is paid out. This also applies to interest and interest, which are charged depending on the capital used. This approach is an extremely profitable option for entrepreneurs, because you do not have to pay installments in the entire loan amount right away. “

In addition to the speed of action, the flexible approach to the business objectives presented by the Monument Fund allows you to prepare a real repayment plan for your future income, while securing the receivables on the 2nd mortgage allows recapitalization of entrepreneurs with already committed liabilities. To this end, an individual risk assessment system is carried out. The developer loan also gives you the option of choosing the type of installments and their amounts – for example, using balloon installments or credit holidays. Formalities are limited to the minimum necessary, the duration of co-financing is about 7 days, and the loan period can last from 12 to 18 months. In addition, Monument Fund does not require verification and notification of the client at the Economic Information Bureaus.


A Flexible Approach to Real Estate


The openness of the Monument Fund to the diversity of business objectives also translates into the supported types of real estate. Thanks to the lack of the imposed list of investments, the capital obtained allows for the construction, completion, adaptation or renovation of both residential and commercial real estate. An example of the most frequently implemented development investments are various types of construction, terraced houses, apartments, apartment buildings and apartment houses, however, properties that earn on themselves, i.e. hotels, shopping malls or restaurants, are preferred. The loan is also available to owners of all kinds of industrial buildings and production halls.

“A frequent aspect of financing development investments is the entrepreneur’s own contribution. In the case of the Monument Fund offer, the amount depends on the specific stage of investment implementation, and the LTV ratio to the future value does not exceed 49%. In practice, it looks like the start of construction is half of cash or other real estate. When financing is necessary at the stage of 30-80% of the investment, the entrepreneur receives a gradual financing in the form of a tranche, paid along with the completion of subsequent stages of implementation. For applications for financing at the end of construction works, a maximum of two tranches are usually allocated. Such a contract with an entrepreneur allows for safe and real investment completion and putting it into use. “- explains Paulina Horabik – Member of the Board, Managing Director at Monument Fund.

The Monument Fund’s property loan allows for financing with a second mortgage security for all entrepreneurs who need a quick injection of cash in order to start or continue the implementation of the development investment. Thanks to this offer, it is possible to recapitalize business owners with already committed liabilities, therefore the funds obtained can be easily allocated for real estate pursuing any purpose related to the operation and development of a given activity. It also gives the opportunity to meet contract terms and allows you to successfully complete the construction if the construction costs were higher than the business plan assumed.