This sword and witchcraft show suddenly makes a streaming comeback

It’s 2011 and a premium cable network has just launched a new high fantasy series set in a medieval world of sword and witchcraft and featuring a cast of mostly British talent. While involving the supernatural, it’s gritty, dark, full of sex and swearing, and at times a little bit of incest. No it is not Game Of Thrones I describe, but Starz’s little-known, short-lived King Arthur drama Camelot.

Camelot actually created a few months before Game Of Thrones made his life-changing television debut the same year, but the huge success of the following series left it in the dust. Starz quickly canceled the show, after a single season consisting of just 10 episodes, clearly knowing their offering would not be able to compete with HBO’s success. But all things have their time and now Camelot is enjoying a resurgence in popularity on streaming.

Since Monday, August 30, it is the tenth most watched television series in the world on Google. It’s not entirely clear why this is suddenly generating so much interest, but it could be related to the fact that Game Of Thrones is again # 1 in the charts. Maybe the people who binged the eight seasons of Had are looking for another show on the same topic to watch.

Camelot stars Jamie Campbell Bower (dusk) as a young Arthur Pendragon who must assume the throne of Camelot when he learns that he is the only male heir to the dead king. Fortunately, he has the wise wizard Merlin, played by Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale), at his side and the support of the beautiful Guinevere (Tamsin Egerton). Meanwhile, her twisted sister Morgan Le Fay (Dreadful Penny‘s Eva Green) plots to steal the crown from her. If you are wondering what the tone looks like, Camelot was created by The Tudors‘Michael Hirst and current Doctor Who EP Chris Chibnall, that should give you an idea.

Camelot can be purchased through Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and other platforms.

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