Those shows NJ loves are coming back to Broadway

At first, people were hungry for entertainment when the pandemic hit Garden State. The next summer shows have been canceled. The cinemas have closed. Damn, everything closed.

Here we are a year and a half later and although still not back to normal, we are getting there. Live theater is certainly something that thousands of fans across the river missed sorely here in New Jersey. Broadway returned with none other than Bruce Springsteen’s revival of Springsteen on Broadway. It was a limited race that started at the end of June and reignited the Great White Way.

It finished its run on Saturday night and here’s a glimpse of the intimate crowd cheering on the final encore.

But fear not, fans. It was only the beginning. There is already a lot of Broadway back. Like the new Passover show or the return of Waitress and Hadestown.

New shows on the way include The Music Man (watch out for Hugh Jackman fans), Skeleton Crew, Company, MJ the Musical (sorry, not ready for a Michael Jackson show but each their own), Trouble In Mind, Clyde’s, Caroline ou Change, Chicken and Biscuits, Freestyle Love Supreme, Thoughts of a Colored Man, Lackawanna Blues, The Lehman Trilogy and Six.

The Broadway shows you already love are coming back too! Check them out below.

Remember that you will need proof of vaccination, photo ID, and a mask even if you are vaccinated.

Those shows NJ loves are coming back to Broadway

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. All opinions expressed are those of Jeff Deminski.

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