Top 10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies of 2021

All artists must draw on real life experiences to create their stories, but the human imagination is too vast to be satisfied with the events of everyday life. Dreaming about different worlds, different beings, and different core truths is the central attraction of science fiction and fantasy media.

When even the craziest concepts can be brought to life or created using practical effects and CGIs, movies in these genres stumble over each other, trying to be more imaginative and awe-inspiring. This competition has worsened over the years, and in 2021 the sci-fi and fantasy genres produced some of the most exciting and unorthodox work to date. And some of the most popular films of these genres have already been shortlisted for the Oscar list. Here are the top ten sci-fi and fantasy movies of 2021.

ten Do not seek

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence explain the comet in Don't Look Up

Do not seek plays with intriguing satirical ideas, portraying a society divided by the news of an impending comet that will kill everyone. The metaphor is immediately visible, and unfortunately, this film doesn’t necessarily add to the conversation about political division, and sometimes risks trivializing it. The star-studded ensemble cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet and Leonardo DiCaprio (who also helped write part of the film) and many more. The sprawling talent creates many memorable moments of real laughter, but the plot is unable to overcome the weight of too many half-baked metaphors for this ideological divide.

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9 The war of tomorrow

Source via Amazon Studios

The war of tomorrow begins with one of the most tenuous premises in recent science fiction history: the military personnel of the future go back in time to recruit soldiers for their future war against alien invaders. Despite a few interesting designs and an almost cohesive aesthetic, the film features a set of issues that are difficult to connect, uninspiring performances from its cast, and a plot progression that seems to want to put audiences to sleep rather than entertain or thrill them. challenge. There are action scenes and comedic moments that will produce a momentary rush for the senses, but nothing separates this film from other C + sci-fi films. Hopefully, a sequel already in development will set a new course for history.

8 Bullfinch

Source via Apple Inc.

After a solar flare wiped out most of humanity and turned Earth into an inhospitable hell, scientist Finch Weinberg tries to design an intelligent robot that will take over as his dog’s guardian before Weinberg gives him – not even succumb to illness. Although Bullfinch borrows many elements from other post-apocalyptic sci-fi stories, it still creates a memorable and emotional drama about what it means to be human. Tom Hanks gives a stellar and charming performance as usual, easily carrying the brunt of a deadly disease and a needy world. There is a cynical attitude shared by critics who have seen too many movies with similar elements, but there is a heart in this movie that is very hard to ignore.

seven The green knight

Source via A24

The green knight is an adaptation of an Arthurian legend in the form of a poem into a strange, beautiful but sorry tale about the traps of cowardice. Directed by David Lowery, whose previous work includes Pete’s dragon and A ghost story, the film is bursting with his talent for building a mysterious and visually distinct world. Dev Patel, playing the lead role, balances the indulgent impetuosity of youth with a deep sense of duty. There is a familiar fairytale setting and atmosphere that will resonate with many, but the winding plot twists can be confusing to some.

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6 Night books

Source via Netflix

Night books is a wonderful new horror comedy for kids, but there’s still a lot for older viewers to enjoy in its charming, idealistic world. A young boy named Alex with a penchant for writing scary stories falls into the apartment of a witch who demands that he produce stories for her every night or meet the same death as the other children who have her. failed in the same task. The structure of the film will be familiar to anyone who is captivated by the cinematic task of giving hope and joy to young people, but it is also a reminder that these films are effective and special for the values ​​they celebrate. . The performances of the main actors and the special effects make some moments really scary. It’s a film that offers a lot of emotional substance and doesn’t rely on the young heart beating behind the screen.

5 Ghostbusters: the afterlife

Source via Columbia Pictures

After women ghost hunters A film released with a generally negative reception, director Jason Reitman has decided to produce a sequel to the original films. Ghostbusters: the afterlife follows the family of Egon Spengler, one of the original Ghostbusters played by Harold Ramis, who moves to a farm owned by Egon after his death and finds it a bit too haunted for comfort. It’s primarily a film produced to access nostalgia for the original, and generally offers enough of its own flavor to appease fans of the original series. As a new iteration of the franchise, it doesn’t offer much new substance to build excitement for the future, although a video game adaptation of the series is in the works.

4 Godzilla vs. Kong

Source via Warner Bros. Pictures

There is a beautiful simplicity in Godzilla vs. Kong which is communicated in full by its title. A sequel to the existing huge canon of the Godzilla movies as well as Kong: Skull Island, the film delves deeper into the mythology of the “Hollow Earth”, where massive monstrous titans once made their domain that now roam the face of the earth and sometimes devastate entire cities. As expected, Godzilla and Kong fight in one of the most expensive CGI sequences in recent memory, and the question of which titan can claim the face of the earth as a home is uncertain. Most of the plot details and human characters aren’t usually memorable, but the novelty of seeing two giant monsters fighting on screen is well worth it.

3 Dune

Source via Warner Bros. Pictures

A triumph of production and casting, Dune features some of Hollywood’s most talented minds: Denis Vileneuve, Hans Zimmer, Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya and many more. The film is the second live-action adaptation of the 1965 flagship sci-fi work of the same name. Presented as an epic religious text using some of the most colorful ideas in science fiction, the book’s vivid imagination translates dramatically on screen thanks to the inspired design choices of the production team. In the world of Dune, a noble family takes over as guardians of a harsh desert world (think imperialism in space) and must seek refuge and wisdom from indigenous peoples and other forces to participate in a game of sprawling intergalactic chess.

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2 Titanium

Source via Kazak Productions

The horror of Titanium goes beyond the shock of seeing a well-created CGI monster or ghost. In this film, a woman with a deeply troubled past turns into murder and has sex with cars to replay the traumas of her past. As silly as the premise may sound, the surreal elements of the story are meant to be metaphors for the imperfections of our bodies and the suffocating need for privacy at all costs. Sex and gender are among these surreal elements and are treated as fluid and shifting qualities to characterize the protagonist’s horrific but deeply human experience. Deeply strange and disturbing, this is a film that must be encountered in terms of its bizarre ideas.

1 free guy

free guy
Source via 20th Century Studios

What if the horrible truth of the world of The matrix, that everyone lived in a simulation world, was actually a fun and lighthearted reality? Intended for Generation Z players, free guy is built on a lot of jokes in this community, even incorporating cameos from popular real-world players. It’s a heartwarming story about deviated programming, humans’ insatiable thirst for power, and the power of love. There’s a lot of fun action sequences and comedic bits and pieces, although some of those moments and references felt a bit too derived from other movies that describe a simulation world. Always, free guy is a thrilling theatrical experience and audiences of all ages will find something to connect with in this upside down world of indulgence and play.

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