Why This PG-13 Movie Isn’t For Kids

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness– also called Doctor Strange 2– has finally arrived! As the first MCU film to hit theaters in 2022, its highly-anticipated release has fans buzzing about where its storyline is headed.

A lot of that has to do with the inclusion of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, a fan-favorite character whose Wanda Vision The series blew audiences away with its sitcom homage and heartbreak arc. We left Wanda Maximoff in solitary confinement after she inadvertently took over an entire city as she mourned the loss of Vision. In its possession was the Darkhold, a text that grants its user immeasurable power in exchange for the corruption of their soul.

Sam Raimi, who directed the first Spider Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, was chosen to direct Doctor Strange 2 much to the delight of Marvel and horror fans. However, if you are unaware of the director’s work in Hollywood, then Doctor Strange 2The contents of may blind you, especially parents who tend to look beyond the PG-13 rating given to Marvel films.

While the MCU has always had mature storytelling with social commentary, complex issues involving heroism and fantasy violence, the strange doctor the sequel kicks things up a notch. Here’s what we mean.

Doctor Strange 2 Parents Guide

Spoiler in front Doctor Strange 2

Note first that the film does not push the limits of PG-13. It’s not an R-rated movie pretending to be an average teenager. However, if your school-age child isn’t used to horror, the gore, gore, and violence could be quite unsettling for them.

Doctor Strange 2 is littered with creepy jumps, body horror and body contortion. Without spoiling how these events happen, we can say that one character’s neck is snapped, another is impaled, a poor character’s head is literally ripped off, while another is cut in half. More than one character is disintegrated and there is a battlefield of burnt corpses.

Plus, the crux of the film is that the Scarlet Witch hunts America Chavez because the teenager is able to cross the multiverse at will. Wanda wants girl power so she can be with alternate versions of her sons, Billy and Tommy, who exist in another realm.

Stripping America of its power, however, would result in the teenage girl’s death. Wanda is willing to sacrifice her to get what she wants. So essentially the Scarlet Witch is down for child murder and the movie doesn’t revolve around that plot point. He also isn’t shy about describing Wanda’s attempts to kill America.

In all, Doctor Strange 2 is rated appropriately, just like other Marvel movies. The film simply earns its rating in a way that some parents bent on bringing their young children into superhero movies probably won’t be prepared for if they don’t know about Raimi’s work.

As such, parents will have to weigh whether a child under 13 can handle the film’s content. There are school-aged children who would be perfectly fine while others will struggle with scenes they’ve seen for days. Make the best choice for your child, but our recommendation is that Doctor Strange 2 is not suitable for children. Your tweens will be fine.

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